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Neighbors, pro divers rescue cenote in Cholul

With the support of Bepensa and the leadership of ecological activist Sergio Grosjean, dozens of people will help clean the Zacil Ha de Cholul cenote today.

Otherworldly (and unretouched) cenote photographs exhibited by Dutch artist

With images captured under the waters of the Peninsula's cenotes, Dutch photographer Lianne Strik captures another world.

Nereidas: Photo exhibit explores cenotes

Lianne Strik presents a unique look at cenotes in Yucatán through her underwater photographs.

Protest continues against pig farm in cenote territory

Fearing a large pig farm will endanger sacred cenotes, the rural civil association found ways to ensure their message would be noticed.

Stretch of the ‘cenote route’ modernized at Cuzamá

The state has modernized 3.2 kilometers of "cenote route" in Cuzamá.

A cryptic, methane-fueled ecosystem found beyond cenotes

Scientists have found a cryptic world in the underwater systems guarded by Yucatán's already mysterious cenotes.

Clogged with trash, 40 cenotes in urgent need of intervention

At least 40 cenotes in Yucatán are in urgent need of intervention, and on Saturday, Expediciones Grosjean will begin work cleaning some of them.

Residents go to court to protect Cenote Zone from pig farm

An environmental group has denounced Seduma, the state secretary of urban development, for favoring a mega pig farm in the Cenote Zone.

Honoring ancestors at cenote dinner party under the stars

Yucatecan writer Will Rodriguez, author of the "Gran Libro de la Cocina Yucateca" revived ancient dishes in an elegant subterranean dinner party for 12. 

‘Underground tourism:’ Maximizing Yucatán’s cenotes

To build on the viability of cenotes as a tourist attraction, Yucatán has formed an alliance with a professional group in Spain.

Historic highs for Yucatán’s tourism sector so far this year

For the first half of this year, Yucatán's tourism sector reports historic highs.

Cenotes displace Mayan ruins as most popular tourist spots

The natural attractions of Yucatán, particularly its cenotes, have become the state's top attractions these days.

New cenote route is ready for eco-tourists in Homún

Already known for its impressive cenotes, this tiny town has yet another circuit of watery caverns.

Abalá potential as a tourist destination topic of political visit

Residents of the small, remote village of Abalá talked with federal congressional representative Pablo Gamboa Miner about its future. 

Scientists organize fight against groundwater pollution

The Center for Scientific Research of Yucatan (CICY) has created the Water Network for the Sustainability of the Peninsula, which will analyze measures to avoid contamination caused by livestock and the use of agrochemicals.

Fossil, millions of years old, found in Yucatán cenote

An underwater exploration in a cenote uncovered a coral fossil that is at least five million years old.

Joining forces, 80 people clean up Xpakay cenote

More than 1,500 pounds of garbage was removed from a cenote, and it wasn't easy.

Regional waste center will benefit cenotes

Cenotes and wetlands will be restored to the tune of about $260 million pesos this year, the Ministry of Urban Development and Environment said.

Texan wins cenote diving challenge

An American diver, Rachelle Simpson, yesterday beat Mexico's Adriana Jimenez and California's Ginger Huber at Red Bull Cliff Diving Women’s World Series.

Elite divers compete at Ik Kil

The Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series returns to the green heart of the Yucatán jungle on Friday, at the cenote Ik Kil, near Chichen Itza.
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