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UADY’s Centro staff packs up, yielding for new cultural center

About 100 UADY staff this week began packing for new quarters, making way for the Autonomous University of Yucatan's Centro Cultural Universitario.

Profs stick up for pedestrians and preservation in the Centro

More space for walking, less for driving. That summarizes the philosophy of a retired UNAM professor in yet another seminar on how to sustain the Centro Histórico.

Centro’s air 5 times more polluted than the rest of Mérida

The Historic Center is Mérida's most polluted area, up to five times worse than other neighborhoods, said UNAM researcher María del Carmen Delgado Carranza.

Academics optimistic that Mérida’s Centro’s problems can be solved

Ideas abound to make the Centro safe and more livable.

Acoustics engineer envisions compromise in the Centro

Solving the noise problem in the Centro is not so easy, an acoustics expert says.

Fire quickly destroys city bus in the Centro

Passengers escaped a fire that destroyed an entire city bus in the Centro on Friday.

Special board recommended to handle Centro’s unique issues

An authority should be formed that's dedicated specifically to challenges in the Centro Histórico, said the Patronato para la Preservación del Centro Histórico.

Reluctant or missing property owners stall Centro renovations

More than 70 owners of historic buildings are still in the midst of the current phase of the city's façade rescue project, as others have refused or can not be included due to legal issues.

Police report decline in Centro graffiti

Commander Mario Arturo Romero Escalante credited intense police vigilance as he reported a drop in graffiti in the Centro Histórico.

For restoring a historic home, Mérida plans to offer tax-free status

Restored homes in the historic district would be exempt from property taxes under a proposed stimulus plan. Yes, there's a catch.

Noise protest in Centro draws ugly backlash

Residents in the Centro Histórico denounced weekend vandalism aimed at the ongoing anti-noise protest.

School says crumbling Sidra Pino factory is a danger

Although municipal officials demolished several dilapidated mansions in the Centro last year, it is unclear how the Sidra Pino plant has escaped the wrecking ball.

Centro restaurants to invest in soundproofing

Although the restaurants that operate in the Historic Center haven't been snagged in the ongoing kerfuffle over noise, 25 of them are investing in soundproofing.

Mérida’s noise revisions remain under review; vote may take weeks

Noise regulations in Mérida aren't as imminent as earlier indicated and are still going through various channels before reaching a vote.

Victory dance premature, say Centro noise busters

Not so fast, Centro dwellers. It's not time to sleep just yet.

Live music in Mérida ends before midnight under imminent noise regulations

The City Council announced Thursday an imminent ban on live music after 11:30 p.m. The measure is expected to be law within days.

Tighter noise regulations predicted this week in Mérida

City Hall is finalizing details of its new noise regulations, which could be approved sometime this week, said a local councilman.

Centro hotel’s facade crumbles onto sidewalk

A part the Hotel Las Monjas' facade crashed to the pavement during a remodeling job gone wrong.

Curtain nearly ready to rise on the Music Palace

All signs are pointing to an imminent grand opening at Palacio de la Música, but no date has been announced.

Holiday doesn’t stop officials from halting Centro home remodel

Personnel from the Municipal Directorate of Urban Development, with support from municipal police, halted demolition work at a house on Calle 51.

Prominent speakers add credence to anti-noise campaign

A press conference on Wednesday brought out reporters from most major local media, bringing awareness to a growing campaign against illegal and excessive after-hours nightclub noise in the Centro.

15 noisy night spots warned to turn down the volume

Fifteen bars and restaurants in the Centro Histórico are on notice for noise offenses, members of the Urban Development Commission told Milenio Novedades.

City shuts another night spot, citing safety violations

Another nightclub was shut down after city authorities said it was in violation of Municipal Civil Protection regulations.

Centro’s noise problems will be resolved before September, city official promises

The city's director of tourism and economic promotion has joined the chorus of those demanding that restaurants and bar turn down their music.