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Combi knocked over in Centro accident, at least 10 injured

Ten people were injured and three were hospitalized when an Urvan combi overturned after being hit by a sedan in the Santa Lucia area of the Centro.

End of an era at La Plancha; freight trains now go...

Last week was the end of the line for La Plancha's life as a maneuvering yard for trains.

Candidate for mayor promises to tackle noise complaints

A candidate hoping to reclaim his role as the city's mayor is acknowledging that noise is a problem in the Centro.

Candidate sides with sleepless residents; deadline set for action

Residents frustrated by businesses that illegally flood their neighborhoods with noise have a friend in Olga Moguel, a cultural promoter, owner of the Amaro restaurant and cultural center as well as a candidate for political office.

‘We want to sleep!’ Centro residents declare

Under a banner demanding "Queremos Dormir!" ("We want to sleep!"), about 100 Centro residents demanded city officials enforce noise regulations.

2 teen graffiti artists forced to paint over their handiwork

In one minor victory in the larger fight against graffiti in the historic center, municipal police said they took two teenage boys by surprise Thursday night. 

Centro residents to meet again about bar noise, trash

Some Centro neighborhoods, perfectly peaceful a few years ago, have become nightclub hot spots, much to the chagrin of both Meridanos and expats.

City may demolish more abandoned Centro homes

Five more abandoned Centro homes are at risk of collapse, forcing the city to intervene and possibly demolish them.

Centro ‘rescue’ project heads north, with larger budget for more properties

The second stage of the current effort to restore facades in the Centro Histórico is a quarter-way done, said the city's director of urban development, Aref Karam Espósitos.

Servi-Limpia offers incentive to pay a year ahead for trash pickup

Servi-Limpia customers can get two months of service for free if they pay a year in advance.

Street vendors bring out the fireworks in time for holidays

In time for the holidays, fireworks sales started Friday in the Centro and other parts of the city.

8,300 shoppers descend on shopping district each hour

Over the weekend, up to 8,300 people an hour arrived at Mérida's Historic Center to do their Christmas shopping, city police calculate.

Cantina El Grillón ends 105-year run in the Centro

El Grillón had attracted patrons across from Parque Eulogio Rosado since 1912. Now, it's selling Christmas items rather than serving beer and botanas.

Noche Blanca returns with high hopes for clear skies this time

Free Noche Blanca events are planned in 147 venues all across Mérida on Saturday, Dec. 2. 

Still no date to remove bus stops from Historic Center

A plan to remove bus stops from the Centro Histórico is still moving forward, but it's moving gradually.

Revolution Day celebrated Monday with parade; traffic re-routed

Traffic will yield for Monday's huge parade celebrating the 107th anniversary of the start of the Mexican Revolution.

9th Showcase of Homes opens doors for students, tourists and neighbors

More than 800 people got a rare tour of seven stand-out homes in the Centro, all for a good cause.

Interior designers’ Mérida projects revealed in BAI’s 9th Showcase of Homes

Two interior designers' homes, part of this year's Showcase of Homes tour, exhibit contrasting responses to living in the tropics.

City hints at new regulations against bar noise in Centro

As bars and nightclubs continue to establish businesses side-by-side with Centro homes, the city is now talking in general terms about modifying land use regulations.

Artistic umbrellas above the Pasaje de la Revolución

An urban art initiative has brightened the walkway between the Cathedral and the Macay museum with 850 opened, upright umbrellas suspended from above. 

Centro sidewalk project nearly completed

The Centro's notoriously difficult sidewalks are getting better and better, block by block.

Facelifts for 228 more Centro facades in next 5 months

After a summer break, the second stage of the current downtown facade rescue program heads north toward Parque Santa Ana.

After delay by INAH, Hotel Mérida finally open for business

Redecorated and updated from pillar to post, the historic Hotel Mérida has re-opened after being boarded up for nine years.

Clock tower’s bell will ring again at Municipal Palace

After 20 years of silence, the clock tower's bell will ring again at the Municipal Palace.