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Saturday, May 21, 2022
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CFE blames worker shortage on guestimated electric bills

Most consumer complaints to Profeco about their electric bills are from business owners closed during the contingency. Photo: Sipse

CFE bills spike wildly, even for closed-down offices and simple homes

The Federal Electricity Commission, or CFE, admitted that it overbilled customers in Yucatan because they based charges on estimates and not real...

Nursing home ‘drowning’ in electric bills since lockdown

A nursing home in Merida is finding itself “drowning” in electric bills. Photo: Facebook A Cholul nursing home...

CFE agrees to shelve high-consumption rates during coronavirus shutdown

Good news for those of us stuck inside and using the air conditioner a little more than we normally would.

Big cut in electric rates coming to Yucatan, says CFE chief

Photo: Twitter / CFE Electricity rates will fall 30% in Baja California and Yucatan, said the director of...

New power plant moves forward as CFE promises natural gas in...

Miguel Santiago Reyes Hernández, director general of CFEnergía, explains how natural gas might reach the Yucatan Peninsula. Photo: CFE

Made in the shade: Awnings pay off in numerous ways

As it gets hotter and more humid here in Mexico, we get more requests for solutions that help keep things cooler.

CFE admits overcharging customers by 142 million pesos

The Federal Electricity Commission, Mexicos's CFE, received 223,000 complaints from customers who said they were overcharged between...

CFE confirms new power plant in Yucatan

Photo: Punto Medio Merida, Yucatan — After continuing problems with the power grid and a surprise promise from...

Solution to Yucatan’s natural gas shortage remains unclear

Authorities this week are seeking to quell concerns of impending blackouts in Yucatan because of fuel scarcity.

State of emergency called off, power goes out anyway

Cenace issues a followup statement saying the state of operational emergency had "no foundation."

Mexico’s electric grid operator declares emergency in Yucatan

Photo: File Mexico's electric grid operator, Cenace, is preparing for potential supply rationing, brownouts or even blackouts on...

Save money and be safe with modern window tinting

As we approach the hottest part of the year, it's time to think about how the intense and direct rays of the sun negatively impacts us.

Residents block CFE truck, force worker to restore neighborhood’s power

Brownouts and blackouts are overwhelming Mexico's electric utility, and customers are losing patience.

CFE substation fire, blown transformer, blamed for 2 blackouts in Merida

A fire and an explosion caused two separate blackouts in Merida on Friday.

Blackouts in Yucatan are seen as suspicious

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador said that power outages on the Yucatan Peninsula could be due more than just an accidental fire.

Blackouts expected to continue in Yucatan and throughout Mexico

The Yucatan Peninsula and other areas of the country will likely continue to suffer "major blackouts" the rest of the year.

Power back after lights go out from Gulf to Cozumel

A power failure hitting all three of the Yucatan Peninsula's states was the most widespread outage in recent memory, making national headlines.

Massive blackout throughout Yucatan caused by fire in Campeche power station

Friday's brief but sweeping blackout was caused by a fire at a CFE station in Campeche.

CFE is most common name on consumer protection agency’s complaint list

The federal electric utility, CFE, garners more consumer complaints than any other entity. Photo: File Merida, Yucatan —...

Lights go out to protest escalating power bills in Yucatán

Candlelight replaced lightbulbs across the city in a protest against rising electric rates.

1,000 businesses to turn out the lights 1 hour in protest...

At least 1,000 businesses in Yucatán are expected to turn off the electricity for an hour on Tuesday in protest against the increase in electrical tariffs.

Rising power rates threaten thousands of restaurant jobs

If the CFE continues to raise electric rates, restaurant owners say they will be forced to shed 6,000 jobs in Yucatán.

Planned power outage in Chelem and Chuburná

A power cut has been scheduled in Chelem and Chuburná for much of Wednesday.