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What to find in a Yucatecan Christmas market

Located right in front of the high school Centro Universitario Montejo, the market hosts slow-food vendors on the weekends and maintains its crafts and decor market all throughout the week.

Nochebuenas: Mexico’s Christmas gift is a bright red plant

Nochebuenas, otherwise known as poinsettias, are the iconic Christmas season plant. They are the most widely sold potted plant in the world, and, a fact widely ignored outside the country, they are actually native to southeastern Mexico. 

A Christmas miracle in March: Montreal Santa arrives in Tizimín

Many of the children who received gifts said they thought Santa had forgotten about them in December. Photo: Courtesy

Getting the most out of a very different Christmas in Yucatán

Mérida's Paseo de Montejo at Christmas in 2018. Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht Yucatán is the place...

Merida’s last Christmas tree dedicated to health-care workers

Fireworks and festive lights marked Tuesday’s ceremony for Merida’s Christmas tree at the Remate of the Paseo Montejo. Photo: Courtesy

Christmas ornaments start to appear on city streets

Some 2,000 Christmas decorations have started to appear on city streets, and city workers have their work cut out for them.

Christmas celebration at Casa Hamaca

Join your neighbors for lechon, turkey, vegetarian mac'n'cheese. 

3rd Annual Toys for Joy party

Dinner, dancing and door prizes at a festive party that leaves hundreds of local kids with toys for Christmas.

Christmas Posada at La Plancha

Neighbors in the La Plancha neighborhood invite their foreign friends to join them for a Christmas Posada 2017.

Turkey production surges, keeping prices stable for the holidays

Turkey production has gone into overdrive for the holidays, keeping prices low for local consumers.

Christmas light show brings magic to the Pasaje de la Revolución

A canopy of tiny lights has brought a soft, golden glow to the famous passageway across from the Plaza Grande.

In Yucatán, real Christmas trees rise in popularity

Locals are increasingly favoring real Christmas trees over the artificial variety, Sipse reports.

Christmas Village a possibility at Gran Parque La Plancha

It could be beginning to look a lot like Christmas at La Plancha before the end of the year.

It’s beginning to look like Christmas in Mérida

The city has unpacked and touched up its cache of wintry pines, snowmen, Santa Claus figures, sleds and nativity scenes. You know what that means.

Saying goodbye to Christmas is a big job

Say adios to 1,500 poinsettias and say hola to 2,000 oleander, rushfoil, cordylines and crown of thorns as the city heads toward the post-Christmas season.

Consumer spending up 10% at year’s end

Over 18 billion pesos were pumped into the local economy at the end of the year, up slightly more than 10 percent from 2014, doubling economists' forecasts.

Where the Posada money went, Part II

After provisions were dropped off at the home for elderly residents, Yucatán Giving's Kimmy Suki and her crew headed to the Caimede DIF orphanage to deliver 265 gifts.

Where the Posada money went, Part I

At La Divina Providencia, 10,000 pesos — two cartfuls — of kitchen and supply closet staples were delivered.

Warm temps, full moon for Christmas

Nature's gifts to us all on Christmas are coming...

Holiday vendors crowd the streets

The local Chamber of Commerce has asked municipal authorities to stop issuing permits for street vendors during the Christmas shopping season.

Turkey is king in Yucatán

While a growing number of families seek Christmas dinner alternatives, like the romeritos popular in Mexico City, turkey still reigns in Yucatán.

Clearing the way for cars, liquor sales

For the Christmas holidays, there are a couple of temporary changes to traffic and shopping rules to help Christmas shoppers, as well as merchants.