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Casa Ocea: A View With a Few Rooms

This Chuburná beach home is a testament to the power of collaboration, a love for artistry, and coastal living

2 assaulted on beach after confronting Chuburná litterbugs

Two environmentalists were physically and verbally attacked by litterers on the beach at Chuburná, according to local media. Liliana Z. and Dorian R. told Reporters...

‘Dry law’ to be implemented, ending liquor sales along the coast

Progreso, Yucatan — A "ley seca," or "dry law" that bans alcohol sales, will be implemented here through the Easter season, the mayor announced....

14m pesos spent rearranging the sand at Chuburna and Telchac

Yucatan state authorities are spending 14 million pesos to restore beaches in Chuburna and Telchac, where beach erosion is a constant problem. The sand...

Several swimmers, in their 20s, rescued at Chuburna beach

Is the surf at ​​Chuburná Puerto too dangerous for swimmers?

Planned power outage in Chelem and Chuburná

A power cut has been scheduled in Chelem and Chuburná for much of Wednesday.

Beach construction in Chuburná halted by environmental agency

The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) temporarily shut down a construction site where a threatened thatch palm was apparently cleared.

4 more beach projects shut down on environmental grounds

The Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (Profepa) temporarily closed four lots, citing owners for allowing construction in a coastal ecosystems without permits.

Kayak tours bring nature close in Chuburná

A tour that explores lush mangroves also brings intrepid kayakers in close proximity to the flamingos and other birds that make the port of Chuburná special.

Signs declared beach private; feds think otherwise

Stickers boldly marked "Clausurado" in red block letters have covered up homemade signs declaring a stretch of beach to be private property.

Beach fenced off in Chuburná, but neighbors can only speculate why

The sudden and unexpected appearance of razor wire fencing and crude private-property signs at an unspoiled stretch of beach in Chuburná has residents unnerved.

Investors in Chuburná plan luxury entertainment project

A group of Yucatecan entrepreneurs is looking to build a luxury destination here for cruise ship passengers looking for a new excursion.

Water pressure drops in coastal towns as pools proliferate

It seems that nearly everyone who's building at the beach wants a pool. And it's putting a strain on the water system.
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