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Suburban sprawl approaches Progreso’s beautiful Hacienda San Ignacio

Hacienda San Ignacio dates to the 19th century during the days of Yucatán’s grand henequen boom. One of the hacienda’s most distinct features is its...

On your way to El Cuyo or Las Coloradas? You can’t...

Though the town is very small, it makes for a worthwhile stop on the way to El Cuyo, the ruins of Kulubá, or Las Coloradas.

Yucatán looks forward to Easter under the ‘new normal’

Feeling encouraged by falling hospitalization rates and deaths from COVID-19, many communities in Yucatán are preparing for Easter festivities and events under the “new normal.”

Despite challenges, Mexico’s devotion to the Virgin of Guadalupe is unwavering

Mérida is an extremely social city, even now with the pandemic in full swing. And “Guadalupe – Reyes” is the most intensely social period of the year.

Festivities celebrating the Virgin of Guadalupe to be scaled back once...

For the second year in a row, Yucatan's Catholic archdiocese is urging its faithful to not assist to large events commemorating the day of the Virgin of Guadalupe on Dec. 12. 

Uayma is an architectural gem in Yucatán’s east

The town is well known for its beautifully adorned 17th-century church but is not frequented by many tourists.

Mayor of Valladolid requests restoration of abandoned Catholic churches

In a press conference, he explained that the churches of San Servacio and The Candelaria are part of the tourist offer of the city, so it must be a priority to keep them in good condition.

Popular priest in Sisal angers church leaders, but parish has his...

Members of Sisal’s Catholic congregation did not take the news of their priests firing well and said that if he was forced to leave, they would do the same.

Uayma’s famous church gets a new lease on life thanks to...

Failing to get help from Yucatán's state government, the caretaker of Uayma's former Santo Domingo de Guzmán convent directly petitioned Mexico's president for aid. It...

Paraíso: One of Yucatán’s best-kept archaeological secrets

Because of its remote location, most in Yucatán have never even heard of Paraíso — let alone visited. The village of Paraíso has only...

Church in Temozón gets a much-needed restoration after powerful storm

Reconstruction of San Agustín Church in Temozón is nearly complete. The 18th-century church collapsed in 2018 during an exceedingly heavy rainy season.  Weeks before its collapse,...

It is not right that the Church to tell politicians how...

LGBTQ activists presented a complaint to state officials over comments made by Archbishop of Yucatán, Gustavo Rodríguez Vega. According to the written complaint, Archbishop Rodríguez...

Mexico’s new cardinal is a friend to indigenous people, but hostile...

The Pope's choice to lead the Catholic church in Mexico is a staunch supporter of indigenous communities and impoverished migrants. But Cardinal Felipe Arizmendi...

Guadalupe sanctuary in Merida will be quiet on the Day of...

As the Day of the Virgin of Guadalupe approaches, the Archdiocese of Yucatán has called off the festivities that normally attract thousands to a...

Peto’s unique church gets ready to celebrate 220 years

Peto, Yucatán — New Year's Day will also be a day of celebration as residents celebrate the 220th anniversary of their unique church. Nuestra Señora...

1600s relic barely noticed in alleyway between church, market

A priceless artifact, barely in public view, sits almost lost between overhangs and cables, embedded in the north wall of Santiago church.

Mérida’s oldest Christian chapel remains padlocked and decaying

The city's oldest temple was also part of the city's first hospital, and until 11 years ago, the home of the City Museum.

Archdiocese envisions outreach to English-speaking tourists

Masses in English and brochures written in the same language are part of the Archdiocese of Yucatán's strategies to attract tourists.

St. Luke’s transforms a restaurant into its permanent worship space

A nondescript corner restaurant in Santiago is a little more special these days, and it isn''t just the bright coat of paint that was just applied to its facade.

St. Luke’s celebrates a year of services in English

The Saint Luke's Anglican Mission celebrated its first anniversary with goals achieved, projects under development and the presence of God in their lives and community, says Rev. José Vieira Arruda.

Miracle in Mérida? Church court investigates

A mysterious drop of possible blood appeared suddenly on a communion wafer during mass on Sunday, says a priest at a church in Mérida. Is it a miracle?

Reboot of sacred-art gallery begins in Conkal

The Archdiocese of Yucatán shares its collection of sacred art today once again with a museum kickoff in Conkal.

Father José: ‘Giving thanks to God! Every day!’

The leader of a progressive new Anglican mission in Mérida nearly went to Morocco instead. But he feels strongly that God led him here. And based on the impact he's made on lives here in Yucatán, it's easy to see why. Here is our interview with Fr. José Vieira Arruda of St. Luke's.

Bishop visits Anglican worshipers in Mérida

A new protestant mission-church in Mérida welcomed their bishop on Sunday, and announced their presence in the dominant local newspaper.
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