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Thursday, May 26, 2022
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Most severe heatwave of the year in the coming days

Health authorities in Yucatán are warning residents to take precautions in the face of increasing temperatures.

Environmental group to call for meaningful action at upcoming forum in...

The environmental collective Va por la Tierra is planning a series of events to raise awareness among Yucatán's population on issues regarding water quality and climate change. 

Sea turtles in Yucatán are hatching late. An expert explains.

Marine Biologist, Jesús Manuel Cuevas Medina answers our questions about the health of Yucatán’s sea turtle population and how we can help.

Yucatán Congress passes a new law to fight climate change

Yucatán's congress passed a new climate-change law Thursday to reduce auto emissions and safeguard the environment.

Sargassum and the Sahara dust phenomenon — are they connected?

A look at where the Saharan Air Layer (SAL) was moving across the Atlantic Ocean toward the southern United States on...

Activists call on Yucatán to declare climate emergency

A group of student activists led by Greta Thunberg has called upon Yucatán's government to declare a climate emergency and start to take more serious and proactive moves to combat climate change. 

AMLO suggests ‘visas for plants’ in new initiative

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador presents his plan for Sembrando Vidas at a virtual climate summit. Photo: Courtesy

Yucatán government commits to being carbon neutral by 2030

To comply with the Net Zero Commitment, all state government buildings in Yucatán must be carbon neutral by 2030. Photo: Courtesy

Cooler weather, rains threaten Yucatan drought

Rains begin a slow return to Yucatan. Photo: meteored.mx Scattered showers are slightly possible today, and light breezes...

Showers come after more than 2 months without rain

A weather map predicts rain for Yucatan this evening. The showers this evening won't bring an end to...

Air in Yucatan fouled by smoky fires near and far

Photo: NOAA The haze that settled over Yucatan on Thursday is not necessarily from your neighbor burning trash...

Fires consume 7,062 hectares of green areas in Yucatan

Photo: Punto Medio Since Yucatan's fire season began March 1, 7,062 hectares of mature woodland, grass and shrub...

It’s been 59 days since Yucatan has experienced rain

Snakes, like this Bronze-backed Parrot Snakes, are slithering across the Yucatan Peninsula. Photo: Backyardnature.net Rain — a barely remembered...

Drought in Yucatan could become most severe in 3 decades

Juan Vázquez Montalvo. Photo: Facebook Day upon day of sunshine has a downside: Yucatan is heading towards it...

No, Al Gore isn’t part of Mérida’s climate change forum

Contrary to some headlines, a forum on climate change will not include former U.S. vice president Al Gore.

Pioneering scheme insures coral reef off Quintina Roo

A special insurance policy covers endangered reefs off the Yucatán Peninsula against hurricanes, storms and other natural disasters.

‘Adopt a Tree’ program takes root in urban Mérida

The  city's "Adopt a Tree" program accounts for more than half the plantings completed under the municipal green infrastructure plan.

Fires feared after record heat and drought

After the hottest and driest January in years, now come fears of wildfires.

As climate changes, Mayan farmer modifies the milpa

Climate change is forcing Mayan farmers to reconsider age-tested techniques. And one local farmer thinks he has found something that works with less predictable rainfall.

Day hottest on record since 1998

Temperatures recorded Friday were not only the hottest in 2015, but in the third highest in the last 44 years and in the greatest since 1998.

Meridanos greet the heat with humor

You can't beat the heat, but you can laugh it off with a humorous Facebook meme.

Yes, it’s getting hotter, and the trend will continue

Merida, Yucatan, registered record temperatures over the last four months as a result of climate change, deforestation and urban growth.

Slide show: The gathering storm

Images of menacing skies and torrential downpours hit social media today as yet another tropical storm hit Merida.

Hurricane danger zone approaches

Only two hurricanes are predicted this season, but that does not mean anyone on the peninsula should become complacent, experts warn.