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Mérida prepares to host Mexico’s most important tourism trade show

The event known as the Tianguis Turístico Mexico will bring together representatives from the country’s 32 states, as well as buyers from 70 countries.

Yucatan convention center slowly reawakens with ‘rehearsal’ event Thursday

After being shut down since mid-March under coronavirus contingencies, Yucatan's convention business will slowly return with a trial event this Thursday. For the rest of...

Much-anticipated tourist fair delayed again, now planned for March 2021

The international tourist fair, which for which Yucatan lobbied heartily and then spent millions to prepare for, has been postponed again. Timing has worked against...

Convention centers set aside as hospitals if coronavirus crisis worsens

The Siglo XXI and the Yucatan International convention centers could become makeshift hospitals if the number of COVID-19 patients here explodes, said Yucatan Gov....

Steel beams indicate an ambitious Siglo XXI expansion

Merida, Yucatan — The city's future as a convention and trade show magnet is coming into focus as the Siglo XXI center's expansion progresses. The Siglo...

Nobel Peace Prize laureates arrive in Merida for World Summit

Dozens of Nobel laureates have arrived to take part in the world summit devoted to world peace.

For honored Nobel guests in Merida, better street lighting

The upcoming Nobel Prize Summit has city officials budgeting for better street lighting in the hotel zone.

26 laureates confirmed for Nobel Peace summit in Merida

Yucatan is preparing to receive 26 honored guests to its capital city for the 17th World Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates. Among the Peace Prize...

2020 tourist fair has Yucatan budgeting for road construction, transportation plan

State officials are apparently aware that growing congestion issues could leave a bad impression.

Merida chosen to host Mexico’s 2020 tourist fair

For years overlooked in favor of bigger tourist destinations, Yucatan can show off its new international convention center and highlight the Merida's growth before 10,000 travel professionals from around the world.

Nobel laureate world peace summit in Merida this fall

Global forum chose Merida despite competing bids from larger cities

A new era for historic home swallowed up by the convention...

Merida, Yucatan — The city's third Hermana República has opened in a historic home that was integrated into the International Convention Center. The restaurant and craft...

Local businesses, international visitors praise new Conference Center

In 2011, when the restaurant Katún opened on Calle 60, between Avenida Colón and Cupules, the owners were in a prime location. But they couldn't possibly have known just how prime.

Biggest project since the 1990s will stimulate even more growth, says...

Now several hotels are in the works, with more investments certain to follow, said Carol Kolozs Fischer, vice president of tourism for the local Chamber of Commerce.

President flies in to open Mérida’s new convention center

President Enrique Peña Nieto's visit to Yucatán on Thursday marked two projects designed to ignite the state's economy.

Convention center ‘powered by Samsung’ officially opens Thursday

Workers are scrambling with last-minute details to get the International Congress Center open by Thursday.

Finishing touches at new convention center; public square is next

Sometime during the last week of March, the new International Convention Center of Yucatán will be ready to roll. And in April, the first conventions will roll in, one of international stature. 

Abandoned landmark torn down where Marriott will rise

A building that served as a landmark to past generations has been torn down in the name of a growing Hotel Zone.

15,000 hotels rooms projected in Mérida by 2019

Already rosy to begin with, the outlook for hotel growth continues to get brighter.

Still under construction, Convention Center has 13 events booked for 2018

The Yucatán International Convention Center, Powered by Samsung, is set to open in March 2018, three months later than initially announced.

Marriott hotel to face new convention center

Local investors will build a Courtyard by Marriott hotel across the street from the new International Convention Center, said Tourism Secretary Saúl Ancona Salazar.

Saying goodbye to poles and cables surrounding the hotel zone

Burying cables that until now were suspended on poles is the final stage of street modernization around the new convention center.

Breadmakers from around the world coming to Mérida

More than 200 guests from four continents will convene in Mérida for the 77th Congreso Mundial del Pan in October.
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