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New direct Air Canada flight to Cozumel raises questions

Yet another first for Mexico's biggest island tourism destination.

Cozumel’s tourist side can’t compare with the far side

I am just going to come out and say it: I don’t much care for Cozumel — or at least the Cozumel most tourists...

Beyond San Gervasio, there are more fascinating Mayan ruins on the...

Cozumel is home to several Mayan ruins most visitors, and even most locals, are not aware of. 

Beyond Cozumel’s beaches are fascinating Mayan ruins to explore

During the late post-classic San Gervasio grew to be one of the Maya’s most important ceremonial centers in the Costa Oriental Region.

Progreso’s cruise industry reaches new heights, but Cozumel remains in a...

So far in 2022, Progreso has hosted 72 cruise ships with nearly 20,000 passengers and 1,600 crew. 

Cozumel shoots for the stars with new astronomical tourism push

Cozumel has long been one of the Yucatán Peninsula’s most famous tourist attractions. But this Caribbean island, best known for its beaches, diving, and cruise...

Omicron forces Cozumel to take on new restrictions

Municipal authorities in Cozumel have decided to temporarily close several streets in an attempt to slow down the spread of COVID-19.

Cozumel’s cruise industry bounces back in a big way

Quintana Roo’s cruise industry recovery plan is going all steam ahead, reports the state's tourism council. All cruising companies operating in the state before the...

Cozumel schedules 24 new cruise-ship arrivals for June and July

In 2019 almost half of the 2,608 cruise ships to dock in Mexican ports arrived in Cozumel.

‘Ironclad’ security to be installed at Caribbean boat terminals

Mexican authorities on Thursday announced plans to reinforce security at the country’s Caribbean ports and docks after an explosion ripped apart a tourist ferry in February.

Elena Poniatowska exhibit precedes Cozumel’s 500-year bash

A traveling exhibition honoring one of Mexico's most prominent living writers arrives at Isla Cozumel next week.

AeroMéxico adding daily flights to Cozumel

AeroMéxico announced new daily service between Mexico City and Cozumel on Oct. 1, further opening the Caribbean to a major hub.
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