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Increased pitahaya production proposed in Yucatan

Can Yucatan grow more pitahaya, or dragonfruit, as it is known in some countries? An academic research paper says yes, and that the idea...

Yucatán’s habanero peppers finally get certification of origin

Yucatán's most famous cash crop will be accredited, the result of just over a decade of work and promotion. 

Rain brings a great variety of fruit to the markets

The Lucas de Gálvez market is painted in the colors of seasonal fruits.

State still bans GMO crops despite federal rebuke

Almost a year after the state government declared the area free of GMO crops, state authorities are sticking to their guns despite a looming federal order to reverse it.

Mexico’s avocado boom: Is it sustainable?

As demand for Mexico's native avocado rises, deforestation and water supplies are a concern.

Rains credited for healthy citrus crop this year

It's a good year for citrus growers this year. Farmers are expect to harvest more than 400,000 tons of different varieties of citrus fruits before the end of this year.

Small win for beekeepers in GMO fight

In a victory for beekeepers, Monsanto has been blocked from planting GMO soybeans in areas of Yucatán and Campeche inhabited by indigenous communities.

Pitaya is in bloom; more farmers needed

The backyard of practically every rural Mayan family in Quintana Roo grows dragon fruit, or pitaya, and exports bring income to local families.
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