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Report: Cruise ship with COVID-19 patients awaits entry into Progreso

A cruise ship with four ailing crew members – stricken by the coronavirus — is off the Yucatan coast with plans to dock in...

Some passengers banned from cruise ship headed to Progreso

Carnival Cruises on Thursday turned away several passengers who were headed to Progreso. Angry passengers told reporters that "underlying health conditions" including diabetes were...

Cruise ships will dock daily for 2 weeks in January

The tourist industry has high hopes for the first month of 2020. According to Progreso's Integral Port Administration, 24 cruise ships will arrive in January...

Cold front, sargassum drive tourists away from the beach

The relative chill that has affected Yucatan since Wednesday has affected tourist-centered businesseses on the coast. The storm surge has also piled sargassum — the...

Disney to test the waters at Progreso’s cruise ship port

By 2021, Yucatan will welcome 50 new cruise ships from around the world, including the Disney kingdom. The port of Progreso has apparently interested several...

2 more cruise ships coming to Progreso in ’21

Carnival is planning on sending two more cruise ships — and a lot more tourists — to Progreso.

‘Enchantment’ begins docking in Progreso

Progreso, Yucatan — Royal Caribbean's "Enchantment of the Seas" arrived at the port city for the first time, getting a big welcome from the...

More Carnival drama when cruise ship rescues sailor

A Carnival cruise ship came to the rescue of a sailor whose boat was sinking off the coast of Cozumel.

Progreso ranks 4th nationally for cruise ships

For the third consecutive year, Puerto Progreso remains Mexico's fourth most-visited cruise-ship port. Combined with the top cruise destinations — Cozumel, Mahahual and Ensenada —...

Progreso lists improvements for both tourists and foreign residents

Progreso, Yucatan — Improvements to the port city's tourist zone are in the works. The artisan fair on Calle 80 will be revived and a...

Small luxury cruise ships cancel Yucatan itinerary

Just days ahead of its first trip, Victory Cruise Lines has canceled an itinerary of small luxury ships that would have traveled to Progreso and other ports of call in Yucatan.

More cruise ships to dock at Progreso in October

The number of cruise ship arrivals at the port of Progreso will increase in October, with 11 pleasure boats expected this month.

Rescue of overboard cruise ship worker is ‘miraculous’

A crew member from a cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico was rescued by another cruise ship nearly a day after he fell overboard.

Busy cruise-ship week include newcomer from German line

The port begins April with the the arrival of over 11,600 passengers and 3,288 crew, including a cruise ship that's new to Yucatán. 

Small, upscale cruises with overnight excursions planned in 2019

Small, upscale cruise ships will depart Miami starting in January 2019 under the Victory Cruise Lines banner, said Saúl Ancona Salazar, state secretary of tourism development.

5 years later, ‘cruise from hell’ ship still docks at Progreso

Five years after making international headlines for all the wrong reasons, the Carnival Triumph docks today at Progreso, definitely not celebrating its anniversary.

Cruise ship crew stays on duty, cleaning Progreso’s beach

While passengers toured the region, group of 10 environmentally minded crew members from the cruise ship Vision of the Seas undertook the task of cleaning part of Progreso's beach.

A crush of cruise ships in Progreso

A total of 19 cruise ships will arrive in Progreso in February. Six of them arrive in the space of a week.

Top priority in 2018: More cruise ships for Progreso

More cruise ship income is Yucatán's top tourism priority in 2018, a state official has declared. 

New cruise itinerary, larger ships, for Progreso in 2018

Carnival Cruise Line is sending more passengers from the U.S. to Progreso beginning next year. 

Investors in Chuburná plan luxury entertainment project

A group of Yucatecan entrepreneurs is looking to build a luxury destination here for cruise ship passengers looking for a new excursion.

Heat keeps cruise ship tourists close to beach

When the Carnival Triumph arrived last week, merchants at the beach had a banner day, thanks to the heat.

Seaweed doesn’t dampen huge cruise-ship day at port

Two huge cruise ships docked here Tuesday, bringing 5,720 passengers and 2,000 crew, shortly after an unsightly tide of seaweed littered the beaches.

2 cruise ship arrivals canceled in Progreso

As the Carnival Liberty suffers from mechanical issues, Progreso loses business on Nov. 14 and 26.
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