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The hidden (and not-so-hidden) gems along the path of the Tren...

Today, we explore some of the highlights along the first three of the six train routes of the Tren Maya.

The colors, sounds, and rhythm of Mexican folk dance

Bright colors and flowing dresses are one of the features most often associated with traditional Mexican dance

In a stand against drugs and violence, Cancún restaurants ban music...

Narcocorridos draw from traditional Mexican folk music styles, such as the corrido and banda, but with storytelling lyrics that celebrate the exploits of drug traffickers.

The Dresden Codex, the great Maya book of the stars

The Dresden Codex is a Mayan book believed to be the oldest surviving book written in the Americas, dating to the 11th or 12th century.

5 Mexican holiday films to get you into the Christmas spirit

Here in Mexico, we have our own holiday classics full of whimsy, magic, and corny jokes.

Mérida’s gradual return to a full cultural schedule is complete

After more than two years of hiatus under pandemic protocols, Mérida en Domingo is back. The city's main square is once again alive with...

Colorful hot-air balloon festival in Tahmek this weekend

The town of Tahmek is preparing to host its second-ever Festival del Globo Maya. 

Mexico, The Most Surreal Country in the World

Surrealism is alive and well in Mexico, for good and for ill.

Explore Yucatán’s rolling hills from atop Muna’s ‘mirador’

Yucatán is known for its flat topography. In fact, the name Mayab, what the natives called the territory before the Spanish arrived, literally means “flat.”

The death-defying ancient ritual of Mexico’s dancing flyers

Despite what some visitors believe, the tradition of the dancing flyers practiced in several parts of Mexico is not merely a tourist attraction, but rather an ancient fertility ritual. 

The sights, sounds, and flavors of vibrant Chinatown in CDMX

Mexico City’s Chinatown is crowded, frenzied, and chaotic — but in an oddly great sort of way.

The Varna Ballet company is set to wow Yucatán

The Varna Ballet company, based in Bulgaria, is touring Mexico for the first time. 

Tradition and folklore of Yucatán on full display at Hoctún’s colorful...

Cemeteries in Yucatán are known for color and tradition as much as they are about death.

It’s a wrap for new South Korean docuseries featuring Yucatán Magazine...

The new South Korean docuseries being filmed in Yucatán has finished rolling after almost two weeks of intense shoots.

After 4-month pause, Valladolid’s video mapping show is back

Four months ago, a strong gust of wind and power surge damaged Valladolid’s video mapping show projectors.

Free exhibition featuring the work of artist Marc Chagall on display...

Mérida’s Centro Cultural Olimpo will soon announce dates for an upcoming exhibit, featuring more than 70 works by the early modernist artist Marc Chagall.

The story of the “many Méridas”

Many people living in Mérida, Yucatán are vaguely aware that the city shares its name with other communities around the world. But the specifics surrounding how and why Yucatán’s capital got its name are unknown to most. 

Mexico’s newest airport bathroom turns heads on social media

The new airport bathroom features images of Mexican pop culture, namely the likenesses of famous luchadores including El Santo and Blue Deamon.

Good and evil face-off through dance on Christmas Eve

Last Friday, on Christmas Eve, the small town of Dzitnup was the stage for one of Yucatán's most unique holiday celebrations, the dance of "Abraham and Isaac".

The history and significance of the noble Mexican piñata 

The first recorded instance of piñatas in colonial Mexico dates to 1586 during a Christmas celebration hosted by Agustin monks in what is today Nezahualcóyotl, in Mexico State. 

After kicking off the ‘Mayan ball game’ World Cup in Mérida,...

Mérida has kicked off an international Pok ta Pok tournament, also known as the "Mayan ball game" World Cup. 

Mérida to hold a week-long tango festival, starting tonight

Mérida's international tango festival is set to return for a full calendar week starting Nov. 25.

A giant hammock has suddenly appeared in the Centro, but why?

The sudden appearance of a giant hammock in downtown Mérida is drawing eyes. 

New Maya community library opens in Tzucmuc, honors Yucatecan author

This weekend the small, rural community of Tzucmuc in the municipality of Chankom opened its very own community library.
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