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Tango in Yucatán: Argentina’s Sexiest Dance Hits the Peninsula with Gusto

While at a bus stop in Mexico City, where he was studying mathematics, Leonardo Araujo came across a sign offering tango lessons. While at...

The colors, sounds, and rhythm of Mexican folk dance

Bright colors and flowing dresses are one of the features most often associated with traditional Mexican dance

The death-defying ancient ritual of Mexico’s dancing flyers

Despite what some visitors believe, the tradition of the dancing flyers practiced in several parts of Mexico is not merely a tourist attraction, but rather an ancient fertility ritual. 

Mérida to hold a week-long tango festival, starting tonight

Mérida's international tango festival is set to return for a full calendar week starting Nov. 25.

2 companies collaborate for a contemporary dance show

Contemporary dance and theater are combined in the show "Muerte Por Plástico" ("Death by Plastic") in which two companies, Contemporary Dance Theater of Asheville...

International dance festival returns to Mérida

Visitors from Colombia, Peru, Spain and Costa Rica will participate in the IX edition of the contemporary dance festival, Festival Yucatán Escénica: La Magia del Cuerpo.

House of Apocalipstick brings vogue culture to Mérida

Vogue culture has come to Mérida, being discovered by women who want to express a assertive, big-attitude style that appealed to gay black men and the drag community when voguing took off.

Isaac Hernández is 1st from Mexico to win prestigious ballet prize

The ballet star received the highest award in the world of dance, the Benois de la Danse prize at the Bolshoi Theater.

Lack of financial support endangers future of Ballet Independiente

The Ballet Independiente could close after 51 years due to financial problems.

Senior citizen dancers are hometown heroes

The senior citizen folkloric ballet troupe of Mérida won first prize in a national competition last month. Back from Tlaxcala, the women were given a hero's welcome by the mayor.

Massive Zumba class rocks Plaza Grande

A giant Zumba session of more than 1,000 people brought salsa and other Latin rhythms to the main square in program that encourages physical activity.

Dance festival concludes with Tumàka’t

The 20th Anniversary Festival of International and National Contemporary Dance runs through today as Mérida-based Tumàka't takes the stage.

National Ballet of Cuba returns for fall fest

The much vaunted National Ballet of Cuba brings their distinct style of dance to Yucatán during the fall season of the annual Cultural Festival of the Arts.
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