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Woman from Yucatan among dead in Ethiopia air crash

Among the 157 people killed an Ethiopian Airlines crash is a woman from Yucatan who worked as a UN interpreter.

LGBT activist in Oaxaca found slain; promoted Zapotec ‘3rd gender’

Óscar Cazorla was a proponent of Zapotec muxe culture

Antonio Marín y Aguilar, fixture of weekly music performances, dies at...

A standard-bearer of Yucatecan folk music will be missing from tonight's Serenade at Santa Lucia park. The city is mourning Antonio Marín y Aguilar, who...

Grant Spradling, 1929-2019

Author and longtime Merida expat Grant Spradling died at 89 after a series of recent health challenges.

Suicides in Yucatan break records; mental health groups stand by

Merida, Yucatan — Resources are available to anyone confronting self-destructive thoughts such as suicide. These hotlines are also open to friends and family. Suicides have increased...

Kimball loved Mérida’s relaxing pace, but looked forward to more travel

Emerson Kimball left behind messages expressing his delight in finding himself in Mérida.

Ana Patricia Martínez Huchim, 54, dies; worked to preserve Mayan language

Martínez Huchim was just last week honored for her work at Mérida's Municipal Book Fair.

Tribute: Anthony Bourdain held Mexico in high esteem

To Anthony Bourdain, Mexico was a "brother from another mother."

Possibly the oldest man in Yucatán, Don Filo dies at 110

A man who was possibly the oldest in the state died yesterday at the age of 110 in his hometown of Dzidzantún. Friends called him hardworking, pleasant, calm and friendly.

Human error blamed for Paseo 60 tragedy as construction resumes

Human error, not a design or construction flaw, caused the horrific accident at Paseo 60, concludes a federal official.

5th victim found in rubble after family urges search at Paseo...

Pressured by family to keep searching the rubble for a missing worker, crews found a fifth victim of Monday's horrific construction accident.

About to be deported, American dies in custody

An Arkansas man living in Mérida was found dead in his bunk while in the custody of immigration officials.

Yucatecan native, 97, lives on through his clever invention

Rubén Flores Pérez, a Yucatecan inventor whose kitchen device was used around the world, has died at the age of 97.

Fatal hit-and-run car is seized, suspect sought

The BMW that allegedly hit and killed an expat living at the beach has been seized, according to local media. But its driver is still at large.

Artist George Samuelson, 1957-2017

George Samuelson, an artist who was part of the TAKTO Design Group, died Wednesday in an accident in his workshop. 

David Sterling, cooking school founder and author of 2 epic tomes...

Tributes are pouring in on the news of the passing of David Sterling, the author, designer and chef-owner of the Los Dos cooking school.

Cremations in Mérida up as cemetery space dwindles

Cremation rates have nearly doubled in one year as cemetery space has become increasingly rare in Mérida.

Mean tweet about Juan Gabriel costs Berlín his job

Mérida's cultural director Irving Berlín is reportedly out of a job after posting an insensitive comment about the late superstar Juan Gabriel.

Juan Gabriel dies at 66; recently serenaded Mérida

Beloved Mexican singer Alberto Aguilera Valadez, better known as Juan Gabriel, has died at the age of 66.
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