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Merry-go-round for wheelchairs and a new dinosaur park are nearly ready...

Yucatán's top port city is installing a new carousel ride on its boardwalk, but this time it's designed to be more inclusive. The merry-go-round...

Progreso becomes Yucatán’s first disability-inclusive beach

Five floating wheelchairs and a set of movable rubber ramps are among the new amenities now available to disabled visitors who would like to enjoy the beach in Progreso.

New report paints grim picture for people with disabilities in Yucatán

A new report reveals that in Yucatán 70% of people with disabilities are unemployed.

UberASSIST comes to Mérida to serve seniors, disabled passengers

Seniors and disabled passengers can now summon a car and driver that takes their particular needs in mind.

Fines for not respecting an ‘inclusive Yucatán’

For the able-bodied driver who hogs a "handicapped" parking spot? A 1,200-peso fine.

Tourism program teaches ways to reach the hearing impaired

The tourism industry in Yucatán is showing signs of being more welcoming to tourists who are hearing impaired.
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