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Yucatán relaxes more COVID-19 restrictions, despite staying yellow

Yucatán will stay yellow on its COVID-19 epidemiological traffic light for at least one more week.

Yucatán’s amazing animals — from the cute to the scaly and...

This week we continue our quest to bring to you original photographs and information about some of Yucatán’s most amazing animals.

Rare baby Lora turtles seen in Yucatán for the first time

Ecologists hope to learn more about this species, as well as what brought it to Yucatán in the first place.

Yet more amazing birds in Yucatán, from red-winged blackbirds to macaws

Birding can be a great activity to help fight stress, as it encourages serval of the same practices as meditation.

More amazing birds in Yucatán, from pheasants to the American robin’s...

This week we kick things off with one of Yucatán’s most emblematic species, the great curassow or hocofaisán.

The amazing birds of Yucatán’s lush jungle habitats

This week we kick things off with a species you are not likely to see every day unless of course, you live deep in the jungle.

The amazing birds of Yucatán

The Yucatan peninsula is home to some of Mexico’s most beautiful and exuberants birds, 565 of them to be exact.

State to monitor greenhouse gases, help farmers stay organic

A state Carbon Management Plan to measure greenhouse gases emissions was announced for World Environment Day.

Caminos del Mayab: Ecotourism comes to Xcunyá

Three new ecotourism routes at this tiny village comisaría combine gardens, honeybees and a haunted hacienda.

A walk through a forest of fireflies

A summertime jaunt isn't necessarily a trip to the beach. Right now we're in the middle of a three-month window to explore the Sanctuary of the Fireflies at Tlaxcala.

Crocodile farm continues despite struggles

Ten full-time volunteers at Rio Lagartos have a long-term vision of making a living by harvesting crocodiles.

Monarch butterflies on the rebound

While still below levels recorded two decades ago, two recent surveys show North America's monarch butterflies are on a rebound.

Ecology watchdogs shut down builders

Profepa has shut down a construction site on the outskirts of Mérida on the grounds that an environmental impact statement had not been filed.

22 countries represented at energy forum

Delegates from 22 countries are gathering in Mérida with a call for more investment in renewable energy and support from the private sector.

Solar halo not a bad omen, officials insist

From Mérida to Mexico City, a solar halo caused quite a stir throughout Mexico on Thursday, when many citizens took the optical phenomenon as a bad omen.

Oil wells planned near Scorpion Reef

The newspaper Milenio Novedades has obtained documents confirming that since 2013, Pemex has been actively exploring potential drilling sites near Scorpion Reef.

Oil detected near Scorpion Reef

Yucatán has untapped oil wealth near Scorpion Reef, which is part of a protected national park. Still, Pemex is exploring potential oil zones off the coast.

Daredevil rows from Spain to Cancún

Abraham Levy, 34-year-old man from Mexico, became the first man to cross the Atlantic rowing from Spain to Cancún, Mexico.

Regional waste center will benefit cenotes

Cenotes and wetlands will be restored to the tune of about $260 million pesos this year, the Ministry of Urban Development and Environment said.

The struggle to preserve Isla Holbox

Fresh from holding off massive Cancún-style development, Isla Holbox is replacing its urban development plan with a Sustainable Tourism Management Plan.

Reforesting Mérida’s urban parks

A group of volunteers has worked five years, donating trees and using their own elbow grease, to make public spaces in Mérida greener.

Progreso beaches get a clean sweep

An army of 700 volunteers joined for the ninth annual beach cleaning campaign in Progreso for the International Day of Coastal Cleanup.

Mérida gets greener with new recycling plant

Mérida's new recycling and solid waste plant was inaugurated yesterday, promising a new source of energy and 270 new jobs.
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