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Good news for Mérida’s traditional city markets

Mérida is easing restrictions on city markets in hopes of getting the economy moving again. City markets will now...

Cruises and new biosecurity measures on the agenda of the World...

Despite the COVID-19 pandemic, Cancún has remained Mexico’s top tourism destination. Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht During...

Fish fraud found to be very common across Mexico

The practice of species substitution or fish fraud is increasingly common in Mexico and around the world, says Oceana International. Photo:...

Four businesses shut down for not following COVID-19 guidelines

Among the Mérida businesses shut down is a branch of the Starbucks coffee chain. Photo: File Authorities in...

It’s a buyer’s market in an overbuilt Riviera Maya

Bahia Principe beach in Tulum. Photo: Getty The Riviera Maya — a 1999 rebrand of the “Cancún-Tulum corridor”...

Governor promotes home offices to protect life and economy

Under new rules, companies in Mexico must cover many of the remote work expenses of their employees. Photo: File

Modest growth on the horizon for Yucatán’s hard-hit economy

Consumers across Yucatán and Mexico continue to see the cost of basic goods rise. Photo: Carlos Rosado van der Gracht

Yucatán’s economic recovery predicted to be a long slog

Yucatán's slow but gradual economic recovery for is predicted through 2022. File photo Economist Álvaro Cano Escalante projects...

Mexico’s economy grows while inflation rises; energy prices a concern

Mexico's economy grew at an annual rate of 1.7 percent in August, while inflation, during the 12-months leading into early October, rose 4.94 percent, authorities reported.

Tampa-Progreso link is reality — for cargo

Linea Peninsular has added a weekly container service linking Port Tampa Bay in Florida with Yucatán's port of Progreso.

The votes are in: Mérida’s top 7 cultural treasures

The people have spoken, and their list of seven top cultural treasures has a heavy favorite: The Cathedral.

Tourism helps families far from tourist zones

A tourist who feels guilty about the level of need in Mexico may ask, "Am I actually doing this country any good?" The short answer is "yes."

Expats welcome in Cultural Capital logo contest

Mérida has initiated an open call for a 2017 “Cultural Capital of the Americas" logo, and expats living here five years or longer are invited to compete.

Mérida wins Cultural Capital title — again

The city has won the the designation "Cultural Capital of the Americas" for 2017, Mayor Mauricio Vila Dosal announced today. Mérida is the only city to have been honored twice by the International Bureau of Cultural Capitals.

Mérida to vie for Cultural Capital title

When the designation "Cultural Capital of the Americas" was established, Mérida was the first to be the awarded that honor, in 2000. Now, the city council unanimously agreed to work to gain the title in 2017.

New Yucatecos hail from every state

Mexican nationals from every other state, plus a dominant contingent from Mexico City, are moving to Yucatán.

New private hospital due in 2017

Construction of a new, nine-story private medical facility will begin in January north of the periférico, a mile north of the of the City Center mall.

Tourism office courts Chinese officials

Municipal tourism authorities received a delegation from China to talk about investment here, including possible solar energy projects.

Cruise ship tourism up 4%

The Port Authority has reported a 4 percent rise in the number of cruise ship passengers coming ashore to Progreso in the first quarter of 2015.

Tourists give Yucatán high marks

Domestic and foreign tourists visiting Yucatán report a generally favorable impression of the area, but litter tops the list of what irks them.

Holiday vendors crowd the streets

The local Chamber of Commerce has asked municipal authorities to stop issuing permits for street vendors during the Christmas shopping season.

Report: Beach visitors up by over 1.4M

Visitors are showing a strong preference for the beach, but success is not spread out evenly among the peninsula's tourist destinations.

Discount chain expands into Yucatan, bringing 100 new jobs

Waldo's has quickly opened three stores in Merida, with branches in Progreso and Vallodolid to follow.

Unemployment rate lower here than national average

Yucatan’s rapid first-quarter economic growth is attributed to increased production in manufacturing, construction and tourism, according to government reports. Economic activity overall grew 2.7 percent...