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What a female president could mean for a country that defines...

There is something unique about Mexico’s upcoming 2024 federal election — viable female candidates. 

Could this be Mexico’s first female president?

Like AMLO, Sheinbaum won her election by a landslide in 2018 and ever since has been seen as one of two frontrunners for her party in the 2024 presidential race.

Alcohol sales to be banned in Yucatán over election weekend

The “ley seca” or “dry law” will take effect on Saturday and will not be lifted until Monday, following Sunday’s midterm elections.

Living abroad is no excuse not to vote in the 2020...

The U.S. mail is slowing down, which is a big problem for Americans who live in other countries but want a say in the...

Women in Mexico mark 65 years of voting in elections

Friday is the 65th anniversary of a major advance for equal rights in Mexico. The federal election of July 3, 1955 was first in...

Expat voters from Canada gear up for rules change

The rules have changed for Canadians living abroad. Expats can now vote in the federal election no matter how long they’ve been away. While many people...

Voters living abroad used app in W.Va. election

New technology has helped a group of U.S. voters who were living in one of 29 foreign countries on Tuesday.

3 times more women are elected to mayor’s office in Yucatán

The July 1 election seems to have sent three times more women to municipal leadership in Yucatán than in 2015.

PAN’s Julián Zacarías Curi declared Progreso’s next mayor

The PAN's Julián Zacarías Curi has apparently prevailed in the race to become the port city's next mayor.

PAN candidates likely to be Mérida’s mayor, Yucatán’s governor

The capital city's former mayor has declared victory in his pursuit of the governor's office, and his predecessor has returned to lead Mérida's municipal government.

Peso benefits by peaceful election, says banker

A peaceful election has calmed fears among investors, says a Banco Base executive, who estimates that the exchange rate will continue to range between 19.70 and 20.30.

Small team weeds out fake news during Mexico’s election season

A news verification outlet has partners with local papers across the country, ranging from Diario de Yucatán in Mérida to the national media behemoth Milenio, to fight "fake news."

Crowds pack Plaza Grande to hear presidential frontrunner López Obrador

After a rally at the Plaza Grande, leftist presidential candidate Andrés Manuel López Obrador played down the support that businessmen have offered to an opponent.

Mexico election reminder: Alcohol ban begins midnight Friday

Yucatán's dry law mandates that alcohol sales are banned Friday at midnight until 11 a.m. Monday.

Presidential candidates come to Mérida, square off in final debate

The four contenders for the presidency tussled over their visions for Mexico’s future just over two weeks before the country's general election.

Anticipation builds for presidential debate at Gran Museo del Mundo Maya

All eyes are on the Gran Museo del Mundo Maya tonight when the final presidential debate takes place.

Museum site prepares for election debate onslaught

More than 1,000 guests are expected at the third and final debate among the nation's presidential candidates on Tuesday.

Mérida prepares for its closeup during the presidential debate

The third and final presidential debate on June 12 will put Mérida in the national spotlight, and officials are already making sure the White City looks good.

Highlights from Mexico’s 1st presidential debate

Mexico's July 1 general election was propelled Sunday by the first of three presidential debates that will conclude in Mérida.

Candidates prepare for 1st debate in Mexico’s presidential race

The first debate of Mexico's race for president arrives with a clear front-runner, Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

Why is Mexico’s 2018 general election such a big deal?

On July 1, Mexico's general election will decide a record number of races, beginning with the presidential contest.

In Mérida, 40 cast early ballots for Russian election

Early voting in the Russian presidential election over the weekend included 40 votes cast in Mérida.

Voter turnout here puts others to shame

Yucatecan participation in Sunday's elections was at 62.8 percent, well above the national average, according to report by the National Electoral Institute.
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