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Foreign property ownership up 3.5% annually in Yucatán — study

Getty The number of United States and Canadian citizens who have decided to live temporarily or permanently in...

Progreso’s international community comes together to fund new animal hospital

International residents in Progreso are coming to the aid of the port city's stray animals.

After 9/11, a New York diaspora in Mexico

Nearly 20 years after the attack, I am far away from the 9/11 Memorial & Museum, seen here just yesterday. Photo:...

70% of expats in Mexico want to continue living here

Getty Has the coronavirus pandemic dampened the future of expat living? Maybe not. Three-quarters...

Missing the Canadian community and doing good things in Yucatán

Chicxulub awaits a post-pandemic crowd from Canada. Photo: Wikimedia Commons To the editor: My husband...

Rose McGowan becomes a permanent resident of Mexico

Rose McGowan is now living in Tulum after officially become a permanent resident of Mexico. Photo: YouTube / The Dab Roast

Check out the amazing voice belonging to this Merida girl, and...

Lea Garza can really belt out a tune. She sings well enough, in fact, to have recently won...

The anxiety U.S. expats face trying to vote Nov. 3

U.S. Consulate in Merida on Calle 60, which sends letters to the U.S. mail system via diplomatic pouch.

Make no Bones about it, Mike’s pizzas ‘just plain taste good’

Mike Bones makes and delivers a variety of pizzas including a New England-inspired Nor’easter pie, left, and Creamy Roasted Garlic and...

His B&B interrupted, ‘The Shirtless Baker’ offers English muffins instead

If anyone would have told Patrick Greenwood, aka “The Shirtless Baker,” 10 years ago that he would...

‘Expat Rebel’ video perfectly captures lockdown life in Merida

Christopher Sherrod captures the essence of expat life while in Merida during the pandemic. Photo: YouTube After receiving...

Expats with second thoughts: Pandemic puts retiring abroad in a new...

The pandemic is is forcing some to put expat life on hold, or return home years earlier than they had initially planned.

Expats ride out the pandemic in Mexico

Kelly Potter with her husband, Steve Lawrence, dressed up for a fundraiser for the Alamos Dog Foundation on March 6, 2020....

For Brit expats in the Brexit era, Mexico is an option

Could the Brexit mess across the Atlantic bring more British expats to Mexico?

Canada to reshape benefits system for expat seniors

Canada's estimated three million retired citizens living abroad are on a path to receive improved service from the government when a death occurs.

‘Why We Left’: Expat book encourages women to move to Mexico

The "Anthology of American Women Expats" collects testimony from 27 women "who made the move and couldn’t be happier."

Migration of U.S. citizens into Mexico becoming a ‘cultural phenomenon’

Put them all together, and the flow of migrants from the United States to Mexico is probably larger than the flow of Mexicans to the United States, writes the Post.

Expats in Yucatan keep registry busy with births, marriages and divorces

Life goes on for residents who have moved to Yucatan from abroad.

Brexit upheaval may drive UK expats to Mexico, Central America

The expat retiree population in Mexico and Central America has been mostly from the U.S., but the Brexit crisis has U.K. expats thinking about this part of the world.

Survey studies expats’ impact in Latin America

The relationship between Latin American communities and expat retirees is the focus of a study funded by the National Geographic Society.

Most Yucatán expats cut living expenses by more than half, survey...

More than half of foreigners living in Yucatán said they slashed living costs by more than half by moving to Mexico.

Yucatán’s community of German expats is getting younger

Younger Germans are finding a home in Yucatán, adding to a small but growing community of expats. 

Would you move here again? 75.8% here say ‘yes’

"Expats in Mexico: A Research Study" found a majority happy with their decision to move to Yucatán, but reasons for moving here vary.

Foreigners in Yucatán, by the numbers

Of the state's 2 million inhabitants, 3,200 of them are from the United States, according to the 2017 Yearbook from the National Population Council.