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Yucatan has Mexico’s 1st high-tech fashion prototyping center

With the inauguration of Indumental, a design, innovation and prototyping laboratory for the garment industry, the region is no longer just a place where clothes are assembled in factories.

In a restored Centro mansion, Lagalá lures artists, fashionistas and foodies

Ana Carolina Levya Peralta has come along way in the six years since she started the trendy El Mercadito Bazar. This week, her new enterprise, Lagalá 56:426, is camera-ready, and ready for the public.

Bella Hadid amuses fans during Tulum fashion shoot

Model Bella Hadid's visit to the beaches of Tulum was a work assignment, but she appeared to be having lots of fun.

Local fashion designers show their colors at Plaza Grande

Calle 61 became a catwalk showcasing local designs and haute couture  that reflect the Yucatecan aesthetic.

Paris designer joins Maya crafters to produce high-end bag

For his latest tote bag, Paris fashion designer Christian Louboutin traveled to the Yucatán Peninsula.

Protecting Yucatecan embroidery from plagiarism

Otomi prints appears on throw pillows at Pottery Barn. A French designer lifts the look created by the indigenous Mixe community in Santa Maria...

Campaign: This is ‘Guayabera Day’

Today is Guayabera Day. So declares a coalition of textile entrepreneurs who unveiled the advertising slogan "This is the guayabera, this is Yucatán."