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Fireworks vendors under new scrutiny across Yucatán

State and municipal police have mounted a special task force to monitor the sale of pyrotechnics across Yucatán. 

The big bang: Yucatán divided over holiday fireworks

Controversy has surrounded the decision by Yucatán’s state government to award 340 permits for the sale of pyrotechnics during the holiday season. While many have...

1.3 tons of contraband seized in fireworks crackdown

In the first week of a crackdown on illegal pyrotechnics, 1.3 tons of Chinese gunpowder products have been seized, authorities report.

Keeping pets calm when fireworks go off

Fireworks will be popping all night long, and loud, sudden noises are scary and disorienting for pets. Here are some tips for helping your pooch cope.
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