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Fish fraud found to be very common across Mexico

Mexico's consumer protection agency (Profeco) warns that customers purchasing seafood from markets and restaurants may not be getting what they paid for.  Popular species of...

Yucatan’s grouper season begins slowly after 2-month fishing ban

Officially, Yucatan's grouper fishing season began on April 1, after its catch was prohibited in February and March. Under normal conditions, almost every boat...

Pulpo season ‘worst in season’ for Yucatan fishermen

Even before the octopus season ends Dec. 15, some fishermen are already packing their nets, calling it the "worst in history." Some haven't even broke...

Thieves target fishermen in Gulf at least twice monthly

At least two armed robberies every month have been reported by fishermen off the coast of Yucatan this year.

Fisheries agree to update practices to protect Yucatan’s octopus

Document signed at Boston seafood show.

At most, only 22 vaquita porpoises remain off Baja

Every night, 22 volunteers search for hidden fishing nets that kill vaquitas.

Festival supports fishing villages during grouper ban

Grouper season is over, and a festival to support the fishing villages has begun.

Fisherman lost at sea following powerful storm

The norte that surprised dozens of boats on the high seas.

3 fishermen missing in Gulf after storm approaches

Three fisherman have failed to return home from an expedition after getting caught in Wednesday's storm.

Octopus from Yucatán is gold to highway robbers

Fisheries have asked federal police to protect refrigerated freight trucks transporting seafood from Yucatán to central Mexico.

The curse of the sea cucumber trade in Yucatán

A Bulgarian journalist took a deep dive into the world of black-market Yucatán sea cucumbers, a lucrative, high-demand export that has been linked to corruption, violence and drug use in fishing villages.

Scientists from around the world arrive for climate change workshop

The Gulf's declining fish population will be studied by 400 scientists from 50 countries next week at a weeklong workshop.

Miracle in Celestún: 4 fishermen alive after missing 5 days

Cries of joy broke a sky that turned gray and rainy on Friday when good news reached relatives of a missing quartet of fisherman.

Fishing village’s mayor asks locals to report outsiders

The mayor of a fishing village east of Progreso has ordered a census to detect who's a local and who's not.

Octopus season begins, causing tensions in one fishing village

On the eve of the lucrative octopus season, dozens of residents here bodily blocked the port entrance, demanding authorities expel fishermen from out-of-town.

Crews of fishermen poised for lobster haul

It's open season on the Gulf's lobster population starting tomorrow. About 1,200 fisherman will be allowed to start hauling them in.

Pulpo aplenty: Octopus fishing begins

On Saturday, about 15,000 fishermen and 70 fishing companies began to capture the Mayan Octopus off the coast of Yucatán and Campeche.

Fishermen get ready for lobster season

Lobster season in Yucatán begins Wednesday, July 1, setting about 1,200 fishermen in action.

30 new boats to enforce fishing laws

Federal authorities are beefing up their efforts to stop illegal fishing in Gulf of Mexico, as well as the Pacific.
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