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Video: BAI Medical Student Volunteers at work and on the scene

So what exactly do Fundacion BAI's Medical Student Volunteers do? This video brings the answer into focus.

Feast your eyes on BAI’s Noche Mexicana fundraiser

Perhaps the most colorful and beautifully executed party was at Hacienda Santa Cruz, where Fundación BAI hosted an elaborate, sold-old event.

Meet BAI’s fabulous teen ‘health leaders’

Fundación BAI’s much-respected peer-to-peer education program features seven teen “health leaders,” age 14 to 16, who are key in passing on the healthy message to their fellow teenagers in Yucatán.

BAI’s 8th Showcase of Homes

A unique opportunity to see behind the facades of seven glorious architect-designed grand homes in the historic heart of Mérida.

SOLD OUT: Noche Mexicana at Hacienda Santa Cruz

Hacienda Santa Cruz will be the setting for a fundraising event to benefit Fundación BAI on Sept. 15, the eve of Mexican Independence Day.

7 more Showcase showstoppers coming

The Showcase of Homes kicks off Mérida's high season once again as hundreds of people criss-cross the Centro to tour seven private abodes that represent the best in architecture and décor.

BAI program reaches teens in Telchac

A group of Fundación BAI medical school volunteers on Wednesday embarked on a new education program in the Telchac Puerto Middle School on the Yucatan coast

A good fit for a food-and-wine fundraiser

All the tickets have been sold, but there is a waiting list for A Taste of Mérida at Villa Verde, which is just around the corner.

What supporting the Showcase makes possible

When seven homeowners open their doors to the public this Sunday, they are also opening doors for Fundación BAI A.C., as they continue their good work.
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