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Latitudes of Reverence by Mal de Mar

An opening reception for the Fundación de Artistas' latest exhibition, Latitudes of Reverence by Mal de Mar, is 8 p.m. Saturday, Nov. 24.

U.S.-Mexico poetry conference returns to Mérida

Poets from Mexico and the United States have gathered in Mexico for the last six years, most recently in Oaxaca. In 2018, it's Mérida's turn.

“La Vida Profunda”: James Brown collection arrives

The exhibition "La Vida Profunda" brings more than fifty selected works of artist James HD Brown to Fundación de Artistas.

Artistas celebrate with gala, show

A swanky dinner, live music and the opening of a Francisco Goya exhibit: what could go wrong? Very little, apparently. The gala to benefit the Fundación de Artistas was a rousing success last night.

Fundación de Artistas benefit gala coming

The people behind the beautiful new gallery in Santa Lucia are holding a benefit gala to support their art programs.

Contemporary art show reflects ‘Tropicality’

"Tropicality, Power and Transformation," a retrospective of artists Hugo Gonzalez (Ugggo) and Igor Solis, is on display until Oct. 10 at the Fundación de Artistas, Calle 55 between 62 and 64.

Inside Fundación de Artistas’ dream world

A creative group saw potential in an old casona in Santa Lucia and ran with it. We spoke to Indira Londoño, director of the fledgling gallery that emerged.

Fundación de Artistas inaugurates gallery

The Fundación de Artistas, or Artists Foundation, will open a new gallery space to the public Wednesday with an exhibition featuring artist Marcela Diaz.
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