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The perils of last-minute furniture shopping

The hardest way to furnish a new home is to wait until it is completed and then fly here for one frantic week where you try to buy everything, get it all delivered and set up.

Curators help figure out furnishings in Mexico

It's so much easier to furnish your home here or anywhere with new resources available to homeowners.

What’s with that cement furniture in Mexico?

If you have been looking around to purchase an older home in Mexico, you most likely have seen built-in sofa and bed bases made from concrete or cement. The public appears split on their appeal. 

Budget furniture filler: From the dangerous to the untested

Cushions filled with polyfoam can get lumpy, but that's just the beginning of its disadvantages.

Inside your sofa: The pros and cons of foam or feathers

When investing in a home in Mexico, a large chunk of the furniture budget always goes toward a sofa or sectional.

Zero Gravity Chairs, not just for astronauts anymore

We can thank the doctors and NASA scientists for inventing technology that reduces or eliminates the pressure on the spine.

A place for everything and everything in its place — still true

Ever feel you don’t have enough closet space in your home in Mexico? That’s because we are experiencing a bit of a clash of cultures.

Why American Murphy beds make sense in Mexico

As expats increasingly prefer smaller properties, Murphy beds grow in popularity.

Street vendors selling furniture accused of Illegal trafficking

About 50 street vendors, most of them from Chiapas, don't comply with Yucatán's strict regulations protecting forests from over-harvesting, a trade group's new president says.

Unpacking the décor options for homeowners in Yucatán

Years ago there were not a lot of options here when it came to furnishing your home in this area. Luckily, decorating is easier today.

Store your stuff in armoires, ottomans and even beds

A beautiful piece of furniture with storage ranks right up there on my list of perfect items for any home.

Expat sofa seller in Mexico ponders what’s next in trends

Research shows that we tend to lie on our sofas rather than sit on them. That means designs will change.

How to furnish a rental property that makes money and gets...

Almost half of our customers over the last six months plan to rent out their home when they cannot be here themselves. It's a great way to finance a home in paradise.

The trick to buying a sofa that lasts in Mexico

Most people want to jump right to the style and the color they prefer, but don’t forget to select one that also has the right frame and support.

From finishes to functionality, here’s a fearless furnishing forecast

Here are our predictions for trends in furniture and décor for expat homes in Mexico for rest of the year and beyond. Color It took a...

Furniture packages an economical option for rental homes

Furniture packages are a turn-key approach. It is a complete solution ready for almost immediate use.

House guests? Some space-saving sleeping solutions

Rather than taking up a room with a regular bed that only gets used a few times every year, you can optimize it with a space-saving sleeping solution.

Clearing up confusion over mattresses in Mexico

Mattresses manufactured in Mexico are shorter and wider than U.S. and European mattresses, but "American" mattresses can be special ordered if you have extra time and money.

Home decór: Rocking in the Yucatán

That old wood rocker is passé. The new, modern recliner is in. Here's what to look for when furnishing your home in Yucatán.

Balisimo Design pop-up sale

Our partners at Balisimo Design are having a pop-up sale!

Interview: A fresh take on tropical furniture

Cuau Solis dangled a little chair over Calle 55's sidewalk and Mérida's creative scene hasn't been the same since.