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A queer celebration to help the Oasis shelter

To support the Oasis San Juan de Dios, a civil association that serves people living with HIV, Luis Mont and Kimmy Bomba will perform...

Marriage equality defeated by Yucatan lawmakers

In a secret ballot, the plenary of the Yucatan state congress voted against a marriage equality bill that was forwarded by a committee Tuesday.

Committee gives green light for marriage equality in Yucatan

PAN remains holdout as measure heads to legislative session

Lawmakers gather opinions on same-sex marriage in Yucatan

Merida — An invitation to speak out for or against gay marriage in Yucatan garnered more than 14,000 opinions on a state Congress website. The...

Yucatan stalls on legalizing gay marriage

So far, Yucatan is the only Mexican state in the Peninsula that has not approved marriage between people of the same sex.

LGBTQ museum planned in Motul, new mayor says

Motul has announced the creation of a gay-lesbian museum, something so unique in Mexico that it has made national news.

Cancun resort rejected same-sex wedding, Philly couple claims

A Philadelphia advertising executive was turned away when planning a same-sex wedding at a Cancun resort whose parent company is regularly featured on "The Ellen Show."

Gay Mexican couple is 1st to have U.S. marriage recognized by...

Daniel Berezowsky and Jaime Chávez Alor have become the first gay couple to have a marriage performed outside of Mexico recognized by Mexican law.

No referendum on gay marriage or abortion in Yucatan, says legislator

Same-sex marriage and abortion in Yucatan won't be put before the public the way the Mayan Train or Mexico City airport were, a state lawmaker said.

Court lets gay couple in Yucatan register their son

The Supreme Court unanimously allowed a gay male couple from Yucatan to register their 3-year-old child with their own last names.

Gay, transgender members of caravan stick together for safety

For LGBTQ people in the caravan, danger comes not only from the gangs who prey on migrants, but from their fellow travelers as well.

Yucatán marriage equality bill is dead, for now

"Consensus could not be achieved" to pass a law formalizing gay marriage in Yucatán.

Yucatán’s governor sends marriage equality bill to legislature

With time quickly running out on his administration, Gov. Rolando Zapato Bello quietly sent lawmakers a bill to establish marriage equality in Yucatán.

2,000+ marchers demand respect for Yucatán’s LGBTQ communities

In need of some color on a dreary and gray day, the Centro was awash in rainbow flags on Saturday afternoon.

Yucatán’s LGBTQ march represents an estimated 130,000 people

The XVI March for Sexual Diversity in Yucatán, which parallels LGBTQ pride celebrations around the world, will deliver a firm political message.

Gay couple holding hands in PV shot in early-morning attack

A part-time Puerto Vallarta resident from Palm Springs, Calif., may have suffered permanent damage after being shot on the beach early in the morning.

History-making gay marriage ending in divorce

The first gay couple to get married in Yucatan will make history again with the state's first same-sex divorce.

Colorful LGBT parade explodes in size

The 2017 annual LGBT-pride parade was roughly twice as large — and just as colorful — as last year's.

Same-sex marriage in Yucatán: Decision due

Mexico's Supreme Court on Wednesday will reportedly decide whether it will force Yucatán to extend equal marriage rights to same-sex couples.

Gay couple gets married in Playa del Carmen jail

The municipal jail was the scene of a wedding between two of its occupants yesterday.

Confusion over upcoming dance music fests in Playa

The mayor has banned electronic music events like the one that ended tragically at the Blue Parrot, but a huge gay-and-lesbian festival is mum on its February plans.

Supreme Court upholds gay marriage in 3 states

Mexico's Supreme Court upheld same-sex marriage but stopped short of awarding damages to gay and lesbian plaintiffs.

Anti-gay march stirs straight allies

Organizers against same-sex marriage are marching down the Paseo de Montejo today, unfairly manipulating public discourse on the subject, say a group of "heteroaliados."

Mean tweet about Juan Gabriel costs Berlín his job

Mérida's cultural director Irving Berlín is reportedly out of a job after posting an insensitive comment about the late superstar Juan Gabriel.
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