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Uaxactún, The Lofty Maya City Born of Heaven

Given its location between Tikal and Calakmul, it's no surprise that Uaxactún played a major role in the centuries-long “Star Wars” conflict between these two great powers.

5 reasons to make Flores, Guatemala, your next holiday destination

Flights begin Monday from Mérida's airport. Here is why travelers are so excited.

New expedition to explore underwater ruins in Lake Altitlán

Mexican archaeologists are joining colleagues from around the world to research the remains of a lost Mayan city beneath the waters of Guatemala’s Lake Altitlán. 

The story of Yaxhá, the grand Maya capital on ‘green lake’

Located on a ridge overlooking a bountiful lake, Yaxhá grew rapidly to become one of the greatest ancient cities of the Petén during the early classical period. 

Mixco Viejo — a late-era Mayan city among the clouds

For people used to the architecture and setting of Mayan archaeological sites in the Yucatán or northern Guatemala, Mixco Viejo is likely to appear as somewhat of an oddity.

Details emerge about Mérida’s upcoming direct flight to Guatemala

Travelers in Yucatán will soon have a new convenient destination for their getaways, the Central American country of Guatemala.

Tikal, the storied Petén capital of the classical Maya

The ancient city of Tikal is widely considered to be one of the most impressive in all of Mesoamerica. Its importance in the development of classical Maya culture is hard to overstate.
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