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Yucatán’s phantom island and the conspiracy theory behind its disappearance

La Bermeja is a "pahntom Island" that supposedly existed off the north coast of the Yucatán Peninsula in the Gulf of Mexico. 

Scientists explore reefs in Yucatán to document damage from tourists

Scientists will document the effects of illegal fishing and tourism in the reefs of Alacranes and Bajos del Norte in the Yucatán Peninsula.

More Carnival drama when cruise ship rescues sailor

A Carnival cruise ship came to the rescue of a sailor whose boat was sinking off the coast of Cozumel.

Boats at Arrecife Alacranes will be checked for rats and other...

Conanp seeks to prevent another rat infestation at Scorpion Reef's delicate ecosystem.

Yucatan legislator sorry for reeling in catch during fishing ban

A state legislator has issued a lengthy apology after a photo showed her fishing during a ban.

Rescue of overboard cruise ship worker is ‘miraculous’

A crew member from a cruise ship in the Gulf of Mexico was rescued by another cruise ship nearly a day after he fell overboard.

U.S. judge tosses Yucatán’s lawsuit over 2010 BP oil disaster

A U.S. federal judge Tuesday tossed a lawsuit filed by Yucatán state in answer to the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

Coast Guard quits search for missing pilot in Gulf of Mexico

The small plane last spotted northwest of Cancun on Jan. 3 is likely thousands of feet below the Gulf of Mexico.

Underwater remnants of 18th, 19th-century life found off Sisal’s coast

A local fishermen has led archaeologists to remains belonging to an 18th-century Dutch warship and a 19th-century British steamboat, as well as an old lighthouse, deep under the Gulf of Mexico.

Iran sending warships to Gulf of Mexico

The new commander of the Iranian Navy has unveiled plans for dispatching military vessels to the Gulf of Mexico.

Scientists from around the world arrive for climate change workshop

The Gulf's declining fish population will be studied by 400 scientists from 50 countries next week at a weeklong workshop.

Stranded fishing boat damages coral reefs

A fishing boat has been stranded for nearly a week now, damaging coral reefs off the coast of Progreso, said federal officials.

Victory at Arrecife Alacranes: Reef excluded from oil auction

Much to the relief of environmentalists and fishermen, a bid that had opened the possibility of oil exploration off Progreso has been modified to exclude the Yucatán Platform.

UADY students to address damage at Los Alacranes

Rules protecting Scorpion Reef are going to be more stringent, said the director of the Arrecife Alacranes Protected Natural Area.

Reef damage suspected, boat owner in trouble with authorities

A pleasure boat that ran aground may have damaged the Scorpion Reef's habitat, says the federal environmental agency.

Record-setting project probes the Gulf of Mexico’s deepest secrets

In the largest oceanographic research project in the history of the country, scientists from nine national institutions probed the depths of the Gulf of Mexico.

Scientists to drill into Chicxulub crater

Scientists from Mexico, England, Spain, Germany, the United States, Holland and Japan will gather in March for a new study of the famed Chicxulub Crater.

Gulf of Mexico oil auction falls short

Nearly 80 years after kicking foreign energy companies out, the government began taking bids on US$17 billion worth of oil fields in shallow water.

Oil wells planned near Scorpion Reef

The newspaper Milenio Novedades has obtained documents confirming that since 2013, Pemex has been actively exploring potential drilling sites near Scorpion Reef.
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