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Camping in style at Mexico’s famous cenote ring

Hameki offers glamping under the stars. Photo: Courtesy About an hour’s drive from Mérida, in Homún, Hameki offers...

Into the city of Mérida: Xcumpich and its haciendas

In 1889, Xcumpich was one of 79 haciendas near Mérida's outskirts. Today it is properly within the urban limits. The old henequen hacienda, adjacent to the old Cordemex facilities, is now a private mansion.

Daytrippers find an abandoned cemetery near old ‘haunted’ hacienda

Photos of the eerie discovery near Misnébalam have made the rounds on Facebook and attracted a good deal of attention. Photo:...

Traveler refused refund from hacienda resort, and consumer advocate agrees

A consumer advocate has sided against a tourist who demanded a full $2,500 refund once he discovered no decent selection of restaurants in rural Yucatán, among other complaints

NAFTA negotiators to meet at Hacienda Ochil

U.S. officials arrive today to begin high-level trade negotiations, and they're meeting at one of the region's most well-loved haciendas.

Abalá potential as a tourist destination topic of political visit

Residents of the small, remote village of Abalá talked with federal congressional representative Pablo Gamboa Miner about its future. 

Caminos del Mayab: Ecotourism comes to Xcunyá

Three new ecotourism routes at this tiny village comisaría combine gardens, honeybees and a haunted hacienda.

Hacienda Xcanatún named one of world’s best historic hotels

Hacienda Xcanatún, which dates to 1789, won a prestigious award honoring historic hotels at a ceremony in Honolulu, Hawaii.