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For Expats, Looking Within is a Different Kind of Journey

And there's definitely baggage involved.

Refreshing and Good for You: The Benefits Of Coconut Water

In some parts of the world, coconut water can be quite expensive, but fortunately, here in Yucatán, it can be had for a bargain. 

Good Health Is At the Heart of Luncha Libre’s Menu

Each week on WhatsApp, Emily Sant Amour posts at least three salad options accompanied by a list of proteins like shrimp or tofu.  Emily also...

Investing in Personal Fitness Now Pays Dividends for Life

In our vibrant community, where people cherish their freedom, preventing accidental slips and falls is a top priority — especially on these sidewalks, am...

Yucatán hit hard by severe new dengue wave

Symptoms of dengue include high fever, headache, body aches, pain behind the eyes, rashes as well as nausea, and vomiting. 

Massive industrial fire in Mérida’s north continues to burn

A contingent of 150 firefighters has been working to temper the blaze and avoid its spread.

Dermatology and laser clinic Tersana has the newest technology

Expats and snowbirds are flocking to Calle 66 for one of Mérida’s fastest-growing skin-care clinics: Tersana.  One reason is that the dermatologist who founded Tersana,...

Breathe and bloom at Little Lotus, and re-think what yoga really...

At Little Lotus, yoga is about a way of living as much as the practice itself. 

Health Itinerary, peace of mind, and a helping hand

Health Itinerary is a Mérida-based company with one mission, peace of mind for customers.

Survey: 71% of Yucatecos want new COVID restrictions

The surge in new infections reached nearly reached 300 on Thursday alone, prompting authorities to wonder if more strict measures are needed once again.

New study confirms the health benefits of eating avocados

A new study published in the Journal of the American Heart Association claims that eating at least two servings of avocado per week reduced the risk of heart attack by 21%.

Omicron strain now dominant in Yucatán

The Omicron variant of COVID-19 now appears to be the most common form of the virus in Yucatán.

Mexico prepares to begin human trials of its Patria COVID-19 vaccine

Federal health authorities are calling on adult volunteers to take part in human trials for Mexico's Patria COVID-19 vaccine. 

Progreso spearheads new effort to clean up illegal dumpsites

Residents in Progreso and other communities on Yucatán's northern coast are complaining of illegal garbage dumps.

COVID-19 booster shots to kick off this week for Mérida residents...

COVID-19 booster shots will be available for Mérida residents 60 and over starting Thursday.

New collective creates space for Mérida’s artists with autism, dyslexia, ADD

A new collective in Mérida is aiming to create for the city’s neurodivergent art community. 

Progreso’s international community comes together to fund new animal hospital

International residents in Progreso are coming to the aid of the port city's stray animals.

Mérida to get a new hospital to replace the 115-year-old O’Horán

Mérida is set to get a new hospital to replace its over 100-year-old Augusto O’Horán medical center. The much-needed hospital will be built with both...

A new campaign demands junk food ban in Mexican schools

Junk food consumption has increased along with the obesity epidemic, which one of the critical risk factors for chronic non-communicable diseases, according to the Pan American Health Organization.

New sterilization campaign in Progreso cracks down on stray animals

The number of stray dogs and cats on the streets and beaches of Progreso has become a public health hazard, admits Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi.

Yucatán hopes to administer 270,000 doses of rabies vaccine in new...

This week marks the beginning of Yucatán's rabies vaccination program for cats and dogs

The best and worst ways to stay hydrated this summer

Summertime means a new wave of popup ads — often for beverages. Many are for alcoholic seltzer, which remains one of the buzziest drinks...

New COVID-19 antiviral to be tested in Mérida

The experimental drug seeks to stop the COVID-19 virus from replicating inside the human body, thus leading to quicker recovery.

When it comes to mosquitos it’s better to be safe than...

Trucks fitted with special spray equipment, as well as workers armed with tanks and nozzles are a common sight in Yucatán during the rainy season.
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