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Omicron strain now dominant in Yucatán

The Omicron variant of COVID-19 now appears to be the most common form of the virus in Yucatán.

Mexico prepares to begin human trials of its Patria COVID-19 vaccine

Federal health authorities are calling on adult volunteers to take part in human trials for Mexico's Patria COVID-19 vaccine. 

Progreso spearheads new effort to clean up illegal dumpsites

Residents in Progreso and other communities on Yucatán's northern coast are complaining of illegal garbage dumps.

COVID-19 booster shots to kick off this week for Mérida residents...

COVID-19 booster shots will be available for Mérida residents 60 and over starting Thursday.

New collective creates space for Mérida’s artists with autism, dyslexia, ADD

A new collective in Mérida is aiming to create for the city’s neurodivergent art community. 

Progreso’s international community comes together to fund new animal hospital

International residents in Progreso are coming to the aid of the port city's stray animals.

Mérida to get a new hospital to replace the 115-year-old O’Horán

Mérida’s Augusto O’Horán hospital is one of Yucatán's largest and most important public medical facilities. Photo: Courtesy Mérida...

A new campaign demands junk food ban in Mexican schools

Junk food consumption has increased along with the obesity epidemic, which one of the critical risk factors for chronic non-communicable diseases, according to the Pan American Health Organization.

New sterilization campaign in Progreso cracks down on stray animals

The number of stray dogs and cats on the streets and beaches of Progreso has become a public health hazard, admits Mayor Julián Zacarías Curi.

Yucatán hopes to administer 270,000 doses of rabies vaccine in new...

This week marks the beginning of Yucatán's rabies vaccination program for cats and dogs

The best and worst ways to stay hydrated this summer

Yucatan's famous pink lagoon are where natural salt production has been ongoing since the 1930s. Photo: Getty Summertime...

New COVID-19 antiviral to be tested in Mérida

The experimental drug seeks to stop the COVID-19 virus from replicating inside the human body, thus leading to quicker recovery.

When it comes to mosquitos it’s better to be safe than...

Trucks fitted with special spray equipment, as well as workers armed with tanks and nozzles are a common sight in Yucatán during the rainy season.

Shortage of cancer medications for children sparks protests

According to some estimates, up to 600 children may have died over the last two years due to a lack of treatment.

Mexico’s Patria vaccine to begin human trials this week

If all goes well, the Patria vaccine should be available by the end of the year. Photo: Courtesy

What is behind Yucatán’s high suicide rate?

Suicide rates in Yucatán continue to climb in 2021. Photo: Courtesy A steep increase in suicides worries mental...

New cases of dengue in Yucatán down to zero

Mosquitos that transmit dengue to humans belong to the Aedes species. Photo: Courtesy Reported cases of dengue in...

People in Mérida celebrate on social media after getting COVID-19 vaccine

A man receives his first dose of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine yesterday in Mérida. Photo: Courtesy As COVID-19...

COVID-19 vaccination to begin Monday in Mérida

A man in Kaua receives AstraZeneca coronavirus vaccine as Mauricio Sauri, head of the Yucatán ministry, oversees operations. Photo: Courtesy

Shriners Hospital reaches children in remote parts of Yucatán, for free

Shriners Hospital in Mexico City. Photo: File Shriners Hospital in Mexico City is offering free care to children...

Governor promotes home offices to protect life and economy

Under new rules, companies in Mexico must cover many of the remote work expenses of their employees. Photo: File

Canada fines 2 for fake COVID tests on flight from Mexico

Two travelers were fined thousands of dollars after Transport Canada said they falsified their COVID-19 test results so they could fly home...

Volunteers in Yucatán participate in groundbreaking HIV vaccine trial

HIV vaccine trials have begun in Yucatán, Mexico. Photo: File Among those taking part in a phase-three trial...

Another sushi bar shut down, this time over documentation

A second sushi bar has been shut down by health authorities, this time at La Isla mall.