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Another sushi bar shut down, this time over documentation

A second sushi bar has been shut down by health authorities, this time at La Isla mall.

President presents national health plan in Merida

President elect Andrés Manuel López Obrador meets with relatives of missing students from Ayotzinapa at the Memoria y Tolerancia Museum on...

For retirees, Mexico in top 5 for quality health care

A magazine that studies the world for U.S. retiree and expat adventures found that Mexico is one of the five best countries for health care.

House-call hotline and app help fight health-care inequality

Since its creation in 2016, the municipal program “Médico a Domicilio” ("Doctor at Home") has helped close the inequality gap.

Alternative lodging subject to health inspections starting Jan. 1

Reforms to state sanitation law compel the state health department to inspect hostels, timeshares, campgrounds, spare rooms and even shared rooms, starting Jan. 1.

Flu season begins; public urged to get vaccinated

With the beginning of flu season this week, the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) will apply 305,387 vaccination shots in Yucatán.

Progreso drops plan to kill stray dogs in rabies crackdown

Two weeks into a rabies scare, the City Council has backed down from a controversial method to contain the viral disease.

Thousands travel far for Mérida hospitals

Every year, 35,000 nationals from Tabasco, Campeche and Quintana Roo come here for highly specialized services, such as treatment for diabetes or cancer.

Wills and other important planning for expats

Guest speaker Alexis Cepeda will discuss wills and other important planning for expats and snowbirds. Call 999 740-5819 for details.

‘Healthy Living in the Yucatán’ info session

Free "Healthy Living In The Yucatan" Information Sessions by Healthitinerary, with new-style monthly meetings in 2016. Guest speakers (in English):- Doctors, Nutritionists, Attorneys, Alternative Practitioners/Therapists,...

Info session on expat health insurance

Free health information session for expats and snowbirds: Do you have the tools to manage your health in the Yucatán? Do you know what to...

Web portal aimed at medical tourists

The Mexican government is expecting the number of visitors seeking medical treatment there to reach 650,000 annually by 2020, and Yucatán want a piece of the action.

For growing tumor, family seeks help

The impoverished family of a 28-year-old man in Kanasín, left incapacitated from a massive tumor on his leg, has taken their plight to the media.

Mexico on fast track for dengue vaccine

Mexico could be the first country to market a new dengue vaccine which in clinical trials reduced cases of the mosquito-borne disease by 60.8 percent.