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9 delicious ice-cold treats to keep you cool in Yucatán

If you have ever been to Yucatán between the months of April and August you don't need us to tell you how hot it can get

Keep your pets nice and cool in the Yucatán heat

As temperatures begin to rise in Yucatán, we all know how to keep ourselves cool. But how about our pets? Some easy tips: Make sure...

Expect hazy skies and magnificent sunsets this week courtesy of the...

The weather phenomenon known as the canícula is common in Yucatán during the summer.

New water park offers relief to Mérida kids during heatwave

Folks in Mérida, especially kids, have a new option to cool off. And best of all, this new attraction called Splash Pad is completely free.

Most severe heatwave of the year in the coming days

Health authorities in Yucatán are warning residents to take precautions in the face of increasing temperatures.

Yucatán 2021 could end with the 3rd-hottest December on record

After several weeks of refreshingly cool weather, the more recent warming trend will continue this week, adding up to a historically hot December. Meteored.mx...

Yucatán braces for the hottest week of the year

The most severe heatwave of the year is expected to hit Yucatán in the coming days.  Meteorologists are expecting thermometers to hit 40 C /...

A guide to selecting the best air conditioner in Mexico

Over 100 million homes in North America have air conditioning. Throughout our hot, humid summers in Mexico, an air conditioner makes life more enjoyable. When...

Hot spell in Yucatan refuses to let up as Progreso sets...

At least it's not humid. And the skies are clear. So blue. So pretty. But we can't avoid the real issue with the weather right...

Even higher temps to follow record-breaking heat

Saturday's temperatures were the highest so far this year, reaching 40.4C / 104.7F at the Mérida Meteorological Observatory. Waiting for a break after sunset...

Concrete-laden north is 3 degrees hotter than the rest of Merida

Merida, Yucatan — Despite ongoing reforestation campaigns, the city has a definite preference for concrete over trees. Rapid growth and new roadways in the city's...

Heat to rise past 40C / 104F this weekend in Yucatan

This weekend will go from hot to even hotter, according to Conagua. Today, the temperature is expected to hit 40C / 104F. On Sunday, it...

At Rally Maya, classic cars compete with the heat

The 'rolling museum' sets off for Merida, the beginning of a 10-day road rally.

As temperatures rise, state and city double tree-planting goal

Merida's forestry and other environmental contingencies will be ramped up and re-thought. That's the plan at the Secretariat of Sustainable Development (SDS) in light of...

Sunday’s cold front will break today’s ‘brutal’ heat

Merida, Yucatan — "It was brutal." That's the reaction from one Santiago resident who endured temperatures Friday as high as 41.2C / 106F. It was...

Hot weather can lead to respiratory problems in the vulnerable

Keeping hydrated is critical, but you can't go from hot to cool too rapidly.

Some relief from the heat is predicted as federal aid arrives

Responding to extreme heat that has lasted for days, the National Coordination of Civil Protection on Thursday issued an Extraordinary Emergency Declaration for most of Yucatán.

The canícula, the dog days of summer, have arrived

May is the hottest month in Yucatán, but with the canícula, a broader swath of Mexico feels the heat.

Hydration, sanitation become more critical in a heat wave

Beer and soda is refreshing, but drinking water is unbeatable in the heat, the public is reminded.

Isolated showers won’t cool the weekend

A high pressure system lingering over the Yucatán Peninsula will bring high temperatures and humidity this weekend, reports the National Water Commission.

The season poses heatstroke danger to pets

Many pet owners overlook the role high temperatures play in the health of their pets.

Studying tourists in the Plaza

Here's a school project appropriate for the high temperatures Mérida is enduring lately.

Cooler weather is too cold for many locals

The weather right now seems perfect to many of us, but in a region where citizens have acclimated to the heat, some people start shivering this time of year.

Day hottest on record since 1998

Temperatures recorded Friday were not only the hottest in 2015, but in the third highest in the last 44 years and in the greatest since 1998.
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