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Rains Hammer Down on Holbox Island Paradise

Over the past few days, large swaths of Holbox have flooded following prolonged storms.

Mexico’s Isla Holbox struggles with piles of tourists’ garbage

Local officials feel that the tiny resort island has reached capacity and any further development would be catastrophic.

Potable water project underway in Holbox

A new and expanded potable water supply network for the fragile island is in the bidding process and will begin within a month.

New refuge for whale sharks established where Caribbean meets Gulf

More 630,400-hectares of refuge area has been established to protect whale sharks between Isla Mujeres and Holbox.

Hundreds of construction permits lack planning in Holbox

The previous Holbox administration granted 300 building permits without reviewing development plans, the island current leaders charge. 

Quintana Roo’s new tourism director will hold off Holbox growth, but...

The state's newly created Tourism Promotion Council is charged with promoting many of the  Yucatán's Peninsula's lesser-known destinations and he's been given a staff of 30 to do it.

Holbox will halt future development, if local officials get their way

Some local officials feel that the tiny resort island has reached capacity and any further development would put its fragile ecosystem at risk.

Water commission hits back at Holbox hotels

Hotels complaining about infrastructure problems are deliberately under-paying their water and sewer bills, the Quintana Roo Water and Sewerage Commission charged on Wednesday.

San Felipe appears unwilling to repeat Holbox’s mistakes

Two tropical fishing villages are polar opposite when it comes to addressing the coming tourist economy.

Holbox hotels owners cut off access to sewage-plagued island

Access to Isla Holbox is cut off until 4 p.m. today while an icky emergency situation remains unresolved.

Federal police trained to protect Yucatán’s natural wonders

Faced with the need to deal professionally with environmental crimes against the Yucatán Peninsula, the Federal Police have received training to safeguard protected areas.
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