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Honey production in Yucatán reaches a new low

Climate change, deforestation, and the use of toxic pesticides are likely to blame for the phenomena of honey bee colony collapse....

Public project meant to improve profits for beekeepers in Yucatan

Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador is handed a birthday cake during a visit in Yucatan. Photo: Courtesy Temozón,...

Honey production, sacred to the Mayas, moves from forests to urban...

Biologist Gretel Castillo, who is among the beekeepers keeping the ancient tradition alive, said that it is fortunate that young people in cities show a growing interest in the craft.

How Mexico fights the war against fake honey products

Demand for honey, one of Yucatán's better-known exports, has grown as fraudulent producers undercut legitimate beekeeping operations.

Yucatán honey exports soar while sustaining rural Maya families

Beekeeping production in Yucatán is a 450-million-peso business fueled by thousands of small-scale artisanal producers.

State still bans GMO crops despite federal rebuke

Almost a year after the state government declared the area free of GMO crops, state authorities are sticking to their guns despite a looming federal order to reverse it.

Yucatán honey production decline linked to drought, climate change

Despite the fact that Yucatán continues to be the main honey producer in the country, its production has been decreasing year by year.