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Video: We try out Mérida’s new electric carriages for ourselves

Check out our video review of Mérida's new electric carriages

Few takers for Mérida’s brand new ‘horse-free’ carriages

Last Friday, Mérida’s new “horse-free” electric carriages began to operate along Paseo de Montejo. However, conductors say potential customers seem to be underwhelmed with the...

New electric ‘horse-power free’ carriages become a reality in Mérida

After years of negotiations, the first six electric tourist carriages arrived in Mérida. 

Yucatán authorities say it’s about time to regulate lasso tournaments

A call to action from congress comes after a teenage vaquero lost his life during a tournament earlier this week in Kanasín. 

Lasso tournament ends in the death of another young vaquero

An illegal lasso tournament in the Kanasín community of San Antonio Tehuitz ended in tragedy Sunday when an 18-year-old vaquero slipped from his horse...

Horse collapses from exhaustion in ‘Magical Town’ of Izamal

The collapse of a horse pulling a tourist carriage in Izamal has reignited the debate surrounding animal welfare in Yucatán. 

Motorized buggies to replace horses on Mérida streets under new proposal

A proposal to reduce animal cruelty by promoting horseless tourist carriages was introduced by Mérida Mayor Renán Barrera Concha, who is running for another term.

No more horse-drawn carriages in Mérida, activists urge

Animal rights activists are calling for Mérida’s horse-drawn carriages to be phased out. The activists are planning a rally in front of the Cathedral on...

Horse kicks and injures tourist at cenote attraction

A woman was treated in a hospital after she was kicked by a horse that had pulled her cart through a tourist attraction. The woman,...

Carriage horse falls in busy hotel zone intersection

Merida, Yucatan — A carriage horse is OK after being apparently hit by a dump truck outside the Hyatt Regency hotel, said UADY veterinarians. Images...

Carriages in steep decline as animal activists claim horses are abused

Coachmen complain business has suffered by 70 percent because of animal rights activists who say the practice is cruel to the horses.

Talk of replacing horses has coachmen up in arms

Caleseros, the men who run the city's iconic carriages, are fighting any notion of retiring their horses.

Ban horse-drawn carriages in Mérida, mayoral candidate demands

One of the major-party candidates for mayor is turning the city's iconic horse-drawn carriages into a campaign issue.

The rise of competitive horse-riding in Yucatán

Equestrian sports are growing in Yucatán, where riders work harder and travel farther to compete successfully on a national level.

Loophole allows bloody lasso tournaments to continue

Activists last week presented a proposal to end a loophole that allows brutal rodeo-type tournaments in rural Yucatán, despite laws protecting animals. 

‘Chicas’ polo tournament: All women players, all for charity

In just two years, the Chicas for Charity Polo Tournament has found support from all corners, with international players arriving and international sponsors backing it.

Tourists keeping horse-drawn carriages busy

According to the Historic Center's caleseros, the demand for their services increased by 50 percent over Easter weekend.

Abandoned horse rescued on Calle 55

Animal Protection agents seized a gray horse that had been stranded in near the old train station in the Centro.

Women’s polo tourney benefits orphans at Christmas

The Copa de Chicas for Charity event made for a busy weekend at the Yucatán Polo Club.

It’s women players only in this charity polo tournament

This weekend's Copa de Chicas for Charity started out as a small polo tournament, but has become a full-blown social event.

Rescued horse recovering, will live at Polo Club

The abused work horse rescued by police in August in the Centro is on the mend, and is now a resident of the Yucatán Polo Club.

Report: Horse rescued from abusive owner

Officers from the Animal Protection Unit of the Municipal Police yesterday morning confiscated a work horse exhibiting signs of abuse.

2 abused horses rescued in Centro

After determining that they were victims of abuse and poor nutrition, the Animal Protection Unit of the Municipal Police seized two horses who being put to use pulling carts.

‘Pony cars’ reclaim Plaza Grande

Years after being displaced by automobiles, horses and buggies are back at the Plaza Grande, awaiting tourists.
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