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Mérida to get a new hospital to replace the 115-year-old O’Horán

Mérida’s Augusto O’Horán hospital is one of Yucatán's largest and most important public medical facilities. Photo: Courtesy Mérida...

Children’s hospital in jeopardy as support dries up

Fundacion Teletón helps to fund 24 hospitals across Mexico, including the CRIT Yucatán. Photo: File Yucatán's CRIT children’s...

It’s always better to be over prepared when it comes to...

Additional beds being installed at the emergency hospital setup in Mérida’s Siglo XXI convention center. Photo: Courtesy Yucatán's...

Shriners Hospital reaches children in remote parts of Yucatán, for free

Shriners Hospital in Mexico City. Photo: File Shriners Hospital in Mexico City is offering free care to children...

8th coronavirus death as temporary hospital reportedly rises in Valladolid

An inflatable hospital, like this one in Hidalgo, is thought to be planned in Valladolid to treat coronavirus patients. Photo: Ministry...

US couple says they’re trapped inside Progreso hospital

An Atlanta couple has been stuck inside a Progreso hospital will come home soon with a little help from filmmaker Tyler Perry.

Yucatan seen as medical capital of southeastern Mexico and Central America

Officials tour Faro del Mayab Hospital in Merida, Yucatan. Photo: Courtesy Merida, Yucatan — With the opening of...

Canadian couple financially wiped out after stay in Mérida hospital

Paula and David Hughes were almost stranded when a prolonged trip to Clinica de Mérida resulted in a ruinous bill.

2 new hospitals open; 3rd one due in a few weeks

President Enrique Peña Nieto attended opening ceremonies for two new hospitals in the west side of the city. If he stayed a while longer, he could have been here for a third opening.

Waiting room becomes a dance floor at Mérida hospitals

To take the edge off the long, tedious wait for a doctor's appointment, the IMSS has started a program that encourages festive dancing in hospitals.

Parents, premature baby are home after U.S. officials confront Cancun hospital

A newborn baby is home in  the United States after U.S. officials intervened in what they call a two-day-long billing dispute.

Canadian tourist nearly loses foot after delaying care

Waiting to come home to look after an infection nearly cost a Manitoba man his foot.

Thousands travel far for Mérida hospitals

Every year, 35,000 nationals from Tabasco, Campeche and Quintana Roo come here for highly specialized services, such as treatment for diabetes or cancer.

New private hospital due in 2017

Construction of a new, nine-story private medical facility will begin in January north of the periférico, a mile north of the of the City Center mall.

Web portal aimed at medical tourists

The Mexican government is expecting the number of visitors seeking medical treatment there to reach 650,000 annually by 2020, and Yucatán want a piece of the action.

For growing tumor, family seeks help

The impoverished family of a 28-year-old man in Kanasín, left incapacitated from a massive tumor on his leg, has taken their plight to the media.