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Millions invested in 3 new Yucatan hotel projects

Mexican hotel investors are pouring 800 million pesos, or roughly US$20 million, into Merida, Chichen Itza and Valladolid.

Hard Rock and other hotel chains prepare to check in

With the arrival of six transnational lodging companies, in 2019 there will be 5,000 more guest rooms in the capital city.

Henry Ponce is 1st to renovate Merida’s Fiesta Americana since it...

The hotel zone's Porfirian granddaddy was a little stuck in time. The owners hired a Merida-born designer to correct that.

Yucatán hotels balk at electricity tariffs that raised rates 77%

Complaining their electric bills have risen by 77 percent since August 2017, the association representing Yucatán's hotel sector has taken their case to the national regulators.

Another crane accident at Paseo 60 injures combi passengers

A second crane accident at the Paseo 60 hotel complex has sent two passengers in a combi to the hospital.

Mérida’s Hotel Olympics: Friendly competition between maids and cooks

In this version of the "Olympics," the athletes are the maids, cooks, bartenders and bellhops.

Yucatán coast ready for a hotel zone, business leader declares

An 85-kilometer/50-mile coastal hotel zone stretching from Sisal to Telchac Puerto was suggested Monday by the president of the Mexican Association of Hoteliers of Yucatán.

El Pinar, ornate pink jewel on Calle 60, will be reception...

The ornate mansion, built in 1915 during the opulent Porfiriato and mirroring the period's French Renaissance trend, will be used for receptions and social events.

For Rosas & Xocolate, Mexico’s highest honor

Rosas & Xocolate, the pink boutique hotel that drove a high-end trend on the Paseo de Montejo nearly 10 years ago, is getting a national honor today.

Tulum hotel ignores federal closures 3 times

Federal authorities checked in on a Tulum hotel that they said violated several closure notices.

Hotel boom leads to lower occupancy rates, finger pointing, and a...

Hotel occupancy rates have fallen as the industry readjusts to the business traveler's expectations.

Centro hotel’s facade crumbles onto sidewalk

A part the Hotel Las Monjas' facade crashed to the pavement during a remodeling job gone wrong.

Quiet holiday season for consumer protection agency

Profeco has been busy monitoring holiday trade at the airport and markets, but some sectors in particular have been quiet.

Airbnb gives to tourism fund, but cuts into hotel occupancy rates

Taxes on Airbnb revenue are a start, but the state has stalled on regulations that would ensure home rentals are safe, says the head of the hotel association

Tourism has benefited by kicking Carnaval out of the Centro, says...

Does Carnaval belong in the city center, or out of town? The debate continues.

Airbnb taxes are just the beginning, says hotel group leader

The head of a business group representing hotels urged swift passage of a law taxing Airbnb rentals, and suggested other businesses should also contribute to the state's tourism promotion fund.

Human error blamed for Paseo 60 tragedy as construction resumes

Human error, not a design or construction flaw, caused the horrific accident at Paseo 60, concludes a federal official.

Alternative lodging subject to health inspections starting Jan. 1

Reforms to state sanitation law compel the state health department to inspect hostels, timeshares, campgrounds, spare rooms and even shared rooms, starting Jan. 1.

Abandoned landmark torn down where Marriott will rise

A building that served as a landmark to past generations has been torn down in the name of a growing Hotel Zone.

Search ends for more victims in construction collapse

After a week of combing through the rubble of a hotel-retail complex being built in the hotel zone, officials on Monday officially ended their search for more victims. 

Structural flaws probed at fatal work site; 1 still missing

A missing person's report has promoted rescue workers to continue searching rubble while early assumptions about the accident's cause are being questioned.

Hotels expect to be booked solid at year’s end

Hotels are reporting a strong year, but will have 2,100 more rooms to fill in 2018.

5th victim found in rubble after family urges search at Paseo...

Pressured by family to keep searching the rubble for a missing worker, crews found a fifth victim of Monday's horrific construction accident.

Tax on Airbnb rentals likely to start on Jan. 1

Regulating the growth of online rental platforms while also appeasing irate hoteliers, the state plans to begin a 3 percent tax on homeowners using the technology beginning Jan. 1.