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Abandoned landmark torn down where Marriott will rise

A building that served as a landmark to past generations has been torn down in the name of a growing Hotel Zone.

Search ends for more victims in construction collapse

After a week of combing through the rubble of a hotel-retail complex being built in the hotel zone, officials on Monday officially ended their search for more victims. 

Structural flaws probed at fatal work site; 1 still missing

A missing person's report has promoted rescue workers to continue searching rubble while early assumptions about the accident's cause are being questioned.

Hotels expect to be booked solid at year’s end

Hotels are reporting a strong year, but will have 2,100 more rooms to fill in 2018.

5th victim found in rubble after family urges search at Paseo...

Pressured by family to keep searching the rubble for a missing worker, crews found a fifth victim of Monday's horrific construction accident.

Tax on Airbnb rentals likely to start on Jan. 1

Regulating the growth of online rental platforms while also appeasing irate hoteliers, the state plans to begin a 3 percent tax on homeowners using the technology beginning Jan. 1. 

Food & Travel readers send trophies to Ku’uk, Xixim

When the Food & Travel awards were handed out last week in Mexico City, many of the winners took them home to the Peninsula.

15,000 hotels rooms projected in Mérida by 2019

Already rosy to begin with, the outlook for hotel growth continues to get brighter.

Hotels on Peninsula outperform the rest of Mexico

The Yucatán Peninsula is the only region in Mexico to have increased hotel occupancy in the third quarter of 2017.

Hotel leader claims Airbnb grabs 35% of all reservations

A whopping 35 percent of all tourist lodging happening through Airbnb, said the the leader of a hotel trade group.

After delay by INAH, Hotel Mérida finally open for business

Redecorated and updated from pillar to post, the historic Hotel Mérida has re-opened after being boarded up for nine years.

Marriott hotel to face new convention center

Local investors will build a Courtyard by Marriott hotel across the street from the new International Convention Center, said Tourism Secretary Saúl Ancona Salazar.

Mérida and Progreso combine efforts to lure more tourists

Mérida lacks beaches, and Progreso has them. Now, the two cities are collaborating to promote tourism between both municipalities.

Hotels mobilize against ‘unfair’ Airbnb competition

The Mexican Association of Hotels in Yucatan is increasing its ranks as members band together against Airbnb rentals.

Former Hotel Mérida on Calle 60 appears ready to open

Its tower is no longer pink, but the building is just as grand, if not more stately, than ever before. 

Supermarket, City Express hotel confirmed at Mérida airport entrance

More details are emerging about the hotel-shopping complex planned for Mérida's airport entrance.

The Centro’s 1st Starbucks almost ready at Gran Hotel

No opening date has been announced although Starbucks' signs are already up in the restaurant off the Gran Hotel's lobby. The café replaces the Main Street Restaurant at Parque Hidalgo.

Saying goodbye to poles and cables surrounding the hotel zone

Burying cables that until now were suspended on poles is the final stage of street modernization around the new convention center.

City shutters hotel that made waves with Frida mural

Weeks after ordering the owner to remove a flamboyant mural from its facade, city officials in Valladolid closed the beleaguered El Terminal Hotel for operating without permits.

Historic highs for Yucatán’s tourism sector so far this year

For the first half of this year, Yucatán's tourism sector reports historic highs.

21 hotel construction permits handed out so far this year in...

A little more halfway through 2017, the municipal Directorate of Urban Development has already authorized 21 hotel construction licenses.

Valladolid officials order hotel owner to paint over mod mural

A mural on a Valladolid hotel prompts a strong reaction from neighbors and city officials.

Frida Kahlo mural gets hotel owner in hot water

A Valladolid hotel owner may have to paint over a mural she had painted on the facade for not conforming to colonial standards.

Are Mérida hotel rooms undervalued? One hotelier thinks so

Super-cheap rates are not necessary to stay booked, one hotel owner says, urging the industry to price rooms a little more boldly.
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