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Haitian migrants set up camp outside immigration offices in Chetumal

Approximately 100 Haitian migrants have set up camp outside the offices of Mexico's immigration authority in Chetumal. 

The long history of Mexico’s melting pot

Immigration in Mexico is more than complex than Aztecs marrying bearded Conquistadors.

Stranded 3 years in Yucatán, Alejandra Juarez will be home for...

Alejandra Juarez and her husband of 20 years Temo Juarez, an Iraq combat veteran, enjoy a barbecue with friends in April....

In the spirit of friendship, “Korean Greetingman” makes his way to...

Mérida’s Mayor inspects “Greetingman” before its installation on avenida República de Corea. Photo: File Mérida on Monday received...

Guide to obtaining your visa as an expat in Yucatán

Getting a visa in Mexico turns visitors into residents of such historic locales such as this one in the Santiago neighborhood...

Remittances recover as more dollars are sent to Yucatan

Photo: iStock After a 20% drop in the second quarter of this year compared to 2019 — due...

Travel restrictions keep Canadian couple from enjoying new life in Cancun

Alex and Alejandra Grecu were supposed to be enjoying their new life in Cancun, but instead they've spent months stranded in...

For Brit expats in the Brexit era, Mexico is an option

Could the Brexit mess across the Atlantic bring more British expats to Mexico?

‘Cabecitas Blancas’ program will reunite Yucatecan families in the U.S.

The Cabecitas Blancas lets parents visit their grown children in the United States. Photo: Courtesy Rafael Chimal Hau...

In 6 months, U.S. deports nearly 300 immigrants to Yucatan

File photo The Mexican government reported 297 people — 285 men and 12 women — were forced to...

Vigil at Merida consulate demands the U.S. ‘close the camps’

Dozens of protesters, many American, protest the U.S. Consulate in Merida over child separation policies on the border. Photo: Courtesy

Guatamala border rattled by Mexico’s armed crackdown

“This industry maintains the tricycles, the raft operators, the taxis, buses, everyone lives off of this. What happens if it’s gone? Forget it. Everyone would be poor.”

Merida prepares for migrants from Central America

File photo Merida, Yucatan — The city is preparing for Central American migrants blocked from entering the United States....

Canada becomes the ‘American dream’ for refugees from Mexico

Shifting politics in both Canada and the U.S. bring more migrants to the Great White North.

Migration of U.S. citizens into Mexico becoming a ‘cultural phenomenon’

Put them all together, and the flow of migrants from the United States to Mexico is probably larger than the flow of Mexicans to the United States, writes the Post.

No miracles for family broken apart by deportation

Elizabeth Perez and her husband, Marcos, a Mexican national who was in the U.S. illegally, are pictured with their children, Ellie,...

Merida, home of more and more foreigners and out-of-staters

Yucatan's population of non-Yucatecans will top 70,000 people by 2020.

‘Deportee Wives Club’: Following undocumented husbands to Merida

A U.S. television show sent a correspondent to Merida to talk to a group of American women who settled there because their husbands were deported.

Yucatan remittances in 2018 could reach 4 billion pesos

Remittances flow to Mexico at an increasing rate. Photo: Getty Despite harsh immigration policies, remittances that Yucatecan migrants send back home are...

Incoming Mexico gov’t denies deal to host U.S. asylum-seekers

Mexico does not plan to assume the role of "safe third country" for migrants seeking asylum in the U.S., according to a new report.

Gay, transgender members of caravan stick together for safety

For LGBTQ people in the caravan, danger comes not only from the gangs who prey on migrants, but from their fellow travelers as well.

Facing deportation, U.S. vet’s wife takes refuge in Mérida

The wife of a U.S. combat veteran has landed in Mérida after exhausting all options to stop her own deportation. 

Immigrant from Yucatán gunned down in U.S. remembered as a ‘light’

Friends are remembering Carlos Chan Cocom, who migrated from Yucatán to California where he worked as a waiter, as "the light of the room." 

Deportations from Yucatán drop; 25 ousted so far in 2018

So far this year, 25 foreigners have been deported by the National Institute of Migration in Yucatán, said an INM official.