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Facing deportation, U.S. vet’s wife takes refuge in Mérida

The wife of a U.S. combat veteran has landed in Mérida after exhausting all options to stop her own deportation. 

Immigrant from Yucatán gunned down in U.S. remembered as a ‘light’

Friends are remembering Carlos Chan Cocom, who migrated from Yucatán to California where he worked as a waiter, as "the light of the room." 

Deportations from Yucatán drop; 25 ousted so far in 2018

So far this year, 25 foreigners have been deported by the National Institute of Migration in Yucatán, said an INM official.

Mexicans living abroad sent home record remittances in 2017

Mexicans living in other countries sent money back home in record numbers last year, mostly from United States.

Dad in Yucatán barred from visiting injured daughter in U.S.

A Yucatecan man is banned from visiting the U.S. despite a Thanksgiving Day mishap that threatened his 2-year-old daughter's life.

Yucatecans discouraged from seeking new opportunities in U.S.

The year has seen few Yucatecans crossing the border illegally to the United State, said the president of the Federation of Yucatecan Clubs of Northern California.

About to be deported, American dies in custody

An Arkansas man living in Mérida was found dead in his bunk while in the custody of immigration officials.

U.S. has deported 155 Yucatecans in 6 months

The Ministry of the Interior has counted 155 cases of Yucatecans being forced to return to their homeland in 2017 after being expelled from the United States.

Playboy to publish its own account of ‘Bunny’ arrests in Mérida

Playboy magazine's August edition will be dedicated to the "true story" about what happened on the night of June 30 at the Hacienda Chichi Suarez in Mérida.

Expelled Playboy model: ‘Nothing can stop a bunny!’

After being detained 24 hours for not having proper visas, at least two Playboy models had the last word on social media.

Playboy ‘bunnies’ in Mérida arrested in immigration raid

Hacienda Chichi Suárez was a stand-in for the Playboy mansion until immigration officials came and broke up the party.

Mexico becoming a country of immigrants, study concludes

With more migrants moving south than north, Mexico is becoming a country of immigrants.

Separated from family, deported man settles in Cancun

Forced to leave his family in Detroit after 19 years, Mario Hernandez-Delacruz will live with his sister in the Cancun area.

Opinion: Mérida is far from Trump’s Mexico

At Cafetería Pop, a popular café on Calle 57 near 60, a former newspaper reporter from Virginia found himself sitting with another newspaper man, an editorial writer for the local Por Esto! tabloid.

Yucatecan kids in U.S. use time off to explore roots

A Yucatecan family living in Texas illustrates a wider trend in which parents send their children to Mexico to connect them to their culture.

Friends honor Yucatecan killed in U.S. by police

The body of a Yucatecan man shot dead by police in San Francisco, Calif., has been brought home. But he won't soon be forgotten in the Bay Area, where friends have raised over $3,000 to help his family and to organize a justice campaign.

City Museum recalls Korean immigration

A descendant of the Korean immigrants who struggled 110 years ago to adapt to life in Yucatan has initiated an exhibit at the City Museum about their lives.

Airports add immigration agents

Six airports in Mexico are beefing up immigration staff to expedite travel for thousands of visitors a day. Cancún is doubling the number of its agents.
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