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Exploring the ‘hidden’ Maya archaeology of eastern Mérida

Few cities in Mexico can compete with Mérida for the sheer amount of archaeological remains.  Many of the grand pyramids and temples that once stood...

New Palacio Cantón exhibit features extraordinary Maya artifacts

Maya religion and cosmology have been the subject of hundreds of investigations over the past century, but there is still much that remains a mystery.

Even after 3,500 years, San José del Mogote never ceases to...

A contemporary of several of the Olmecs’ most ancient settlements is the Zapotec ceremonial center of San José del Mogote. Founded around 1500 BCE,...

Chichén Itzá is closed. So why are tourists climbing Kukulkán?

INAH employees are accused of profiting from Chichén Itzá’s shutdown by allowing their own visitors to roam the ancient pyramid and observatory.

Zaachila: The final resting place for kings of old and the...

If you arrive at Zaachila knowing nothing about the site and take a quick look around, you may ask what exactly is so special...

Mayan ruins among the stunning renaissance architecture of Hacienda Yaxcopoil

The history of Hacienda Yaxcopoil stretches back to the 17th century. but Yaxcopoil’s history stretches much farther back than that ⁠— to the time of the ancient Maya.

All about Lambityeco, its mighty royals, rain god, and amazing art

The Zapotec city of Lambityeco dates to the late classical period and is known for its extraordinary artworks including stucco masks and tombs.

INAH claims new WaPo reporting on the Mayan Train is full...

The federal agency in charge of protecting Mexico’s cultural heritage strongly denied reports that it was allowing the Mayan Train project to destroy underground archaeological sites.

With new technology, archaeologists uncover the shocking size of Calakmul

recent surveys by archaeologists have uncovered that Calakmul is in fact even larger than previously thought. 

Monte Alban, lofty stronghold of the mighty Zapotec

Established by the Zapotec civilization in the 5th century B.C.E. Monte Alban flourished for 1,500 years until its eventual collapse.

Rule-breaker who climbed Chichén Itzá pyramid fined US$250

The woman berated by fellow tourists and detained by authorities for illegally climbing Chichén Itzá’s Kukulkán pyramid is reported to have paid a fine...

Tourists boo rule-breaker who climbed Chichén Itzá’s famous Kukulkán pyramid

When a woman illegally climbed Chichén Itzá’s famous Kukulkán pyramid over the weekend, other tourists showed their displeasure. The tourist had been yelling obscenities near...

Poxilá is the most impressive Mayan ruin that you’re not allowed...

As anyone who follows this column knows, the breadth and depth of Maya ruins in Yucatán state alone is simply too much for any...

‘New Uxmal’ reserve will include a luxury hotel and camping areas

Mexico has announced the creation of a natural reserve covering an area of 6,500 acres near the archaeological site of Uxmal.  Aside from conservation, the...

Playa del Carmen has a big secret to tell, and its...

During antiquity, Playa del Carmen was known as Xaman Há, which in the Yucatec-Mayan language, roughly translates as northern waters.

Surrounded by high rises, the ‘ancient Altabrisa’ ruins hide their treasures...

One of the least-known urban archaeological sites is a cluster of Mayan structures located just behind a pair of gleaming luxury condo towers in the Altabrisa neighborhood.

Mixcoac ⁠— bringing order to the cosmos through human sacrifice

In the middle of the concrete jungle that is Mexico City lay the remains of a ceremonial center dedicated to one of Mesoamerica's most unique deities, the mighty Mixcóatl. 

INAH to open 2 more archaeological sites to the public on...

Mexico has announced plans to open two new archaeological sites to the public in Quintana Roo. 

The best place to experience the autumn equinox is at Dzibilchaltún

The autumn equinox is here, and there's no better place to witness it than Dzibilchaltún.

Acatitlán: The Mexica-Aztec city of the mighty war god

The exquisitely preserved ruins of the ancient city of Acatitlán are just a short drive from Mexico City. 

New comic book chronicles the fall of the Aztec Empire

A new line of comics titled "Aztec Empire” brings to the page in stunning color an account of the fall of this great civilization.

Locals of Granada Maxcanú seek the return of ancient Maya relic

Though the Hacienda Maxcanú is quite interesting in itself, its most intriguing feature well pre-dates the 19th century. 

Mayan ‘Frieze of Pleasures’ to be restored to its colorful grandeur

Art restorers at Mexico’s national museum of history and anthropology in Mexico City are working on one of Mesoamerica's most impressive stucco friezes.

INAH working to reopen the archaeological sites that are still closed

After over two years of closing due to the pandemic, a handful of archaeological sites in Yucatán remain off limits. The most notable of these...