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Chichén Itzá’s New Museum Chronicles Thousands of Years of History

The Gran Museo de Chichén Itzá is now open and features artifacts dating from the earliest occupation of the city to its heights under the rule of the Itzá.

This Is Why So Many Maya Ruins In Mexico Are Unreachable

Mexico is officially home to 187 Prehispanic archaeological sites, but not all of them are truly open to the public.

Several of Yucatán’s Archaeological Sites Lack Toilets, Electricity For Now

If you plan to explore Yucatán's Puuc region in the near term, better bring along some toilet paper.

These Maya Temples Are About to Open for Free in Izamal

Izamal will officially open previously off-limits Maya temples to the public on Dec. 7.

Until Recently, El Palomar Was Off-Limits, But Now Uxmal’s Latest Attraction...

Like several other sites, most notably Chichén Viejo, Uxmal has recently had considerable resources devoted to it, including much-needed basic maintenance and the restoration and opening to the public of entirely new areas.

El Conde: A Palace Fit for Kings in the Mexica Heartland

The Temple of el Conde is believed to have reached the zenith of its splendor in the 14th Century under the reign of the Tlatoani Tezozóoc

Challenge Yourself to Ascend the Aztec Temple of Drunkenness and Fertility

The Xochimilca people occupied El Tepozteco before being conquered by the Aztec Triple Alliance in 1438 CE.

New Uxmal Temples Will Open to the Public by the End...

It is more likely than not that these new sections will be open to the public by the end of the year, though no official date has been announced. 

Hustle and Bustle Among Ancient Temples in Acanceh

There is no getting away from it, Acanceh is a bit of an odd place — but in a good way.

Archaeologists discover Maya tomb on the grounds of hotel near Palenque

A team of archaeologists has announced the discovery of the tomb of a member of Palenque’s elite on the grounds of a hotel. 

Chichén Viejo was supposed to be open to the public by...

The newly restored section of Chichén Itzá runs along roughly a half mile through a recently created path. And apparently, it’s still off-limits.

Temporary exhibit brings the wonders of Palenque to Mérida

Keep in mind is that the Palenque exhibit is entirely in Spanish, so the use of a smartphone translation tool, or hiring a guide may be a good idea.  

The magic of Campeche’s Ruta de Los Chenes

Inspired by the idea of La Ruta Puuc, we present our very own archaeological circuit in the state of Campeche. We call it La Ruta de Los Chenes.

Dzilam, a once-mighty stronghold, is nearly beyond recognition today

Just before the conquest, the archaeological remains in the community of Dzilam González belonged to a large kingdom with its capital in Izamal.

Museum and artisan shops to breathe new life into Mérida’s Ateneo

After years of boarded-up doors and neglect, Mérida’s Ateneo is set to get the TLC it deserves.

New lootings of Maya archaeology, with suspects in high places

The whereabouts of the looted stones are yet to be established, but INAH said it will not stop until they have been found.

Exploring the ‘hidden’ Maya archaeology of eastern Mérida

Few cities in Mexico can compete with Mérida for the sheer amount of archaeological remains.  Many of the grand pyramids and temples that once stood...

New Palacio Cantón exhibit features extraordinary Maya artifacts

Maya religion and cosmology have been the subject of hundreds of investigations over the past century, but there is still much that remains a mystery.

Even after 3,500 years, San José del Mogote never ceases to...

A contemporary of several of the Olmecs’ most ancient settlements is the Zapotec ceremonial center of San José del Mogote. Founded around 1500 BCE,...

Chichén Itzá is closed. So why are tourists climbing Kukulkán?

INAH employees are accused of profiting from Chichén Itzá’s shutdown by allowing their own visitors to roam the ancient pyramid and observatory.

Zaachila: The final resting place for kings of old and the...

If you arrive at Zaachila knowing nothing about the site and take a quick look around, you may ask what exactly is so special...

Mayan ruins among the stunning renaissance architecture of Hacienda Yaxcopoil

The history of Hacienda Yaxcopoil stretches back to the 17th century. but Yaxcopoil’s history stretches much farther back than that ⁠— to the time of the ancient Maya.

All about Lambityeco, its mighty royals, rain god, and amazing art

The Zapotec city of Lambityeco dates to the late classical period and is known for its extraordinary artworks including stucco masks and tombs.

INAH claims new WaPo reporting on the Mayan Train is full...

The federal agency in charge of protecting Mexico’s cultural heritage strongly denied reports that it was allowing the Mayan Train project to destroy underground archaeological sites.
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