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Crack in bridge could lead to higher prices in Yucatan

Almost all the merchandise trucked into Yucatan from outside the Peninsula over a single bridge in Campeche. There's a crack in that bridge, which will be closed for a year while it's fixed.

Ties between Russia and Mexico appear to tighten

Major investment from Moscow in the Mayan Riviera and other areas was offered during a meeting between Mexico's president elect and the Russian ambassador.

Campaign begins to revive transpeninsular train project connecting Mérida and Cancun

Mérida's Concanaco Servytur has petitioned the president elect to expand the Cancun-Palenque tourist train with a branch that reaches Yucatán. 

Hundreds of construction permits lack planning in Holbox

The previous Holbox administration granted 300 building permits without reviewing development plans, the island current leaders charge. 

Stretch of the ‘cenote route’ modernized at Cuzamá

The state has modernized 3.2 kilometers of "cenote route" in Cuzamá.

18 wind farms planned for Yucatán by 2021

In the next four years, Yucatan will receive a US$2.8 billion investment to install and operate nine new wind farms in addition to the nine already in the works.

Farewell to the rollercoaster exit to Progreso

Adding lanes and flattening the stomach-churning dip on an overpass will cost 200 million pesos overall.

In Bacalar, measures to prevent a crisis like in Holbox

After what happened at Holbox over the summer, state officials in Bacalar want to learn from mistakes that were made.

Water commission hits back at Holbox hotels

Hotels complaining about infrastructure problems are deliberately under-paying their water and sewer bills, the Quintana Roo Water and Sewerage Commission charged on Wednesday.

Holbox hotels owners cut off access to sewage-plagued island

Access to Isla Holbox is cut off until 4 p.m. today while an icky emergency situation remains unresolved.

Yucatán leads all other states in industrial growth

Yucatan has shown sustained growth for more than a year and a half due to the outstanding performance of the manufacturing sector and construction.

Water gradually returns to 100,000 Mérida homes

More than 100,000 customers lost water after one of the city's largest mains burst under Calle 60 between 70 and 81 in the Centro.

Water main break floods Centro; JAPAY blames city

A water main has burst, flooding Calle 60 at 79 at the San Jose de la Montaña church, with no one taking responsibility.

Mérida lags behind in accommodating the handicap, advocates say

Improving conditions for the disabled is the topic of a two-day meeting that will be attended today by more than 50 organizations from nine states.

Survey of metro Mérida due; will troubleshoot key issues

The list of problems that plague everyday Meridanos shouldn't surprise anyone. But it may be a comfort that a formal survey of the issues is nearly complete so officials can strategically address them.

Lights added to modernized highway interchanges

Lights are being added to the expanded and modernized Mérida-Chetumal highway system.

Electricity finally comes to 3,000 rural homes

Nearly 3,000 homes in 115 rural localities are being wired for electricity for the first time ever.

Mérida City Council reviews plans to control a fast-growing city

The city has grown 200 percent in 25 years. So what about the next 23?

Road improvements resume throughout the state

The state transportation ministry will invest 921.3 million pesos in road and port projects this year, officials said.

3 big projects are ahead of schedule

Three big projects — the maternity and children's hospital, the Music Palace and the international convention center — are reportedly on or ahead of schedule.

2 new interchanges open on the beltway

The federal government completed the construction of two interchanges on the Periférico, the city's beltway, announced the country's transport ministry.

University of Miami building ‘smart city’ in Yucatán

The University of Miami’s School of Architecture will collaborate with the Yucatán Science and Technology Park to create ZenCiti, a “smart city” expected to revolutionize the IT world.

Brighter lighting for Paseo de Montejo, parks

Under the glow of new LED lights, the Paseo de Montejo and a handful of city parks shine a little brighter at night.

Mexico real estate a bright spot for investors

Mexico is coping with plummeting oil prices and the devaluation of the peso, but there are many reasons for investors to stick around. Real estate is expected to grow at a constant rate for the entire year.