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Massive internet outage continues across much of Mexico

Sometime before 10:30, Tuesday night reports of internet outages began to flow across social media.

Yucatán’s congress declares high-speed Internet access a human right

Yucatán’s congress has passed a bill making Internet access a human right. 

Mexico’s ‘Internet for Everyone’ program reaches Yucatán

Yucatán state authorities have begun measuring Internet and cellphone coverage to prepare for a presidential program that aims to bring connectivity to everyone in...

Starlink: A ‘game-changer’ for a connected life in rural Mexico?

Starlink is aiming to be the first company to offer consumers high-speed broadband internet with truly global coverage — which would include even the...

Free and faster Wi-Fi promised in every Merida park by mid-July

Although free public internet access isn't new, the city has upgraded 26 percent of its routers and other equipment.

Free wifi begins on Centro Histórico’s streets

The city has installed free internet in the historic center, an 11.6-million-peso initiative that covers 53 city blocks.

Mérida scores high for Internet access

Mérida is ranked in the top ten of the most connected cities in Mexico, according to a report released on World Internet Day.

Fires destroy wires, interrupting phone and Net service

Grassland burning has damaged several kilometers of fiber optic network in different parts of the state.
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