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So much is going on in this tiny Itzimná kitchen

A little restaurant in Itzimná may not have yet caught your eye, but it caught mine. It is tucked away in a little plaza by...

Jaw-dropping extravagance at every turn in this private Itzimná sanctuary

A rare, artisanal retreat beckons on a quiet street in Mérida.

Javier Barrera’s ‘Crónicas Nefelibat’ at Lux Perpetua

Javier Barrera's "Crónicas Nefeliba" opens 7 p.m. Wednesday, March 10 at Lux Perpetua Art Centre, Mérida.

A modern home close to all you really wanted in the...

Have you considered Colonia Itzimna for your next home? Most new residents to Merida often consider the more Centro neighborhoods such as Santa Ana...

U.S. college students volunteer for cleanup duty in Itzimná

Merida, Yucatan — A dozen college students from Iowa has helped clean up a part of the Itzimná neighborhood. The group from Central College, led...
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