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Izamal revamps its infrastructure while seeking investment

A walking tour of Izamal includes Mayor Warnel May Escobar and Yucatán Gov. Mauricio Vila Dosal. Photo: Courtesy

Horse collapses from exhaustion in ‘Magical Town’ of Izamal

The collapse of a horse pulling a tourist carriage in Izamal has reignited the debate surrounding animal welfare in Yucatán. 

New benches at ancient archaeological site anger Izamal residents

Modern slab benches detract from an ancient ruin at Izamal, neighbors say. Photo: Courtesy Modern-looking benches installed at...

New archaeological discoveries uncovered near Izamal

A handful of the structures found at X’baatún are reported to be comparable in size to several temples in nearby Izamal....

Fire damages Izamal’s famous Kinich restaurant

The large palapa at Kinich burned Wednesday morning, damaging Izamal's most famous restaurants. Photos: Contributed A short circuit...

Yucatán governor extends an invitation to the pope

If the pope accepts, it would be only the second visit by a pontiff to this heavily Catholic region.

Japanese artists debuts new mural in Izamal

Japanese artist Shinzaburo Takeda unveiled his most recent mural in Izamal at the Cecidhy Research Institute.

Court order halts deforestation and new Tren Maya construction

Construction workers help to guide traffic near Izamal as heavy machinery sits idly by due to a court order. Photo: Carlos...

Public transportation between Izamal and Merida becomes scarce

The Izamal bus station is practically deserted while Yucatan battles the coronavirus outbreak. Photo: Sipse Several bus companies...

Izamal locks down as coronavirus patient there reportedly dies

Izamal increases security measures after a local woman dies from a coronavirus infection. Photo: Courtesy A day after...

For 2nd consecutive day, COVID-19 patient in Yucatan dies

Izamal's first coronavirus case was reported today. Photo: Courtesy Merida, Yucatan — A 53-year-old woman died after a...

Quarantine ignored on the streets of Izamal

The center of Izamal as seen from the historic convent. Photo: Diario de Yucatan Izamal, Yucatan — Before...

An Izamal market stall recipe: ‘Empanaditas’ de San Jose

These crispy “empanadas” with vegetarian toppings aren't what they seem. Photo: Mercados / University of Texas Press David...

Trading fountain for giant letters proves problematic in Izamal

The letters that form the name of this Pueblo Mágico in Parque Zamná are showing signs of deterioration after just 10 months.

Canadian couple hands over cache of Mayan artifacts

A Canadian couple living here has released 179 archaeological pieces — from ancient vessels to stone pedestals — to the National Institute of Anthropology and History.

Yucatecan restaurants named among Mexico’s finest

Not all of Yucatán's best restaurants are in Mérida. Small-town restaurant Kinich was chosen as one of the best 120 in Mexico by the Mexican Culinary Guide.

Mass wedding to overtake convent in Izamal

Izamal's historic convent is preparing for a mass wedding Friday, when 1,055 couples couples will exchange vows.

Police guard ceremony to outlaw cruel festival

It's official, written and signed in ink on paper. Now, is the 100-year tradition of Kots Kaal Pato really a thing of the past?

High-tech light show all around Izamal

The holiday season will conclude with new free new "videomapping" shows in the "Magic Town" of Izamal. Nightly shows continue until Saturday, April 2 with an 8:30 p.m. presentation.

Animals to be spared cruel annual tradition

Kots Kaal Pato, a notorious and gruesome annual Yucatecan animal sacrifice in which small animals were beaten to death or decapitated, has been permanently canceled, Humane Society International announced.

Impulso daytrip to Izamal

Support Impulso Universitario and visit the magic town of Izamal, Casa de la Fundación (a private home), and the Light and Sound show at Izamal Convent.