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Why it’s unclear if Tulum’s new jaguar reserve is a real...

Known formally as the Jaguar Flora and Fauna Protection Area, the limits of the reserve are being walled off by a stone perimeter to avoid encroachment by developers and squatters.

Environmental task force in Quintana Roo rescues 12 endangered species —...

The exotic animals were rescued from illegal captivity and included jaguars, howler monkeys, and crocodiles. 

New data shows growth in Mexico’s jaguar population

A census of Mexico's jaguars shows an increase in the population of 20% over the past couple of years.  The news is being celebrated by...

Balamkú, the great city of the sacred jaguar lords

Balamkú is an archaeological site in the south of the Mexican state of Campeche, within the Calakmul Biosphere, near the entrance to Calakmul national park. 

Baby jaguar born last December to be called Booxo

The jaguar cub born last December in Mérida’s Centenario zoo finally gets a name, Booxo.  The name makes reference to the cub’s black fur, as...

Mexico’s jaguar population up 20%, new census finds

Mexico's jaguar population has grown in the past eight years, according to a study released Thursday.

Good news for the jaguar population in Mexico

Encouraging statistics are coming from the second National Jaguar Census, which will be completed and released later this year.