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Is Tim Hortons About to Drop in Yucatán?

Double-Doubles and Timbits are on their way to several major mexican cities.

Free Hamburgers, Fond Memories Attract Hundreds to New Wendy’s in Mérida

By 11 this morning, roughly 300 hungry people had formed a long line outside the new Wendy’s restaurant in Xcanatún.

Mérida ice cream festival to cool things off this weekend

Mérida is preparing to host an ice cream festival, just in time for summer. 

Yucatán’s top 8 street junk food favorites

Walking through virtually any city or town in Yucatán a wide range of food vendors can be seen peddling goodies out of push carts, mobile stands, food trucks, and just about every other configuration you can think of.

Canada’s favorite indulgence makes its way to the land of the...

Cue the poutine! As much as everyone in Mérida loves tacos, panuchos, and salbutes, the amount of international options for snacking and dining in the city continues to grow. 

A new campaign demands junk food ban in Mexican schools

Junk food consumption has increased along with the obesity epidemic, which one of the critical risk factors for chronic non-communicable diseases, according to the Pan American Health Organization.
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