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Christmas Village a possibility at Gran Parque La Plancha

It could be beginning to look a lot like Christmas at La Plancha before the end of the year.

Rail cars to begin migration away from La Plancha

In a few weeks, much of the railway traffic chugging through Mérida will start heading out of town, to the new Center of Rail Operations in Umán.

Officials: Work on Mérida’s ‘Central Park’ to begin in January

Work begins in January on a 20-acre chunk of a future "Central Park."

Bike rental station benefits La Plancha park efforts

A  popup bike rental station started operating today at La Plancha, a project to benefit efforts to construct a park there.

Open letter: Tell the governor you support a great park at...

Here is a letter you, as an expat, can sign to support a Central Park-style green space in the Centro.

Q&A: Clarifying the status of the park at La Plancha

Several questions have arisen about the proposed park in La Plancha following the press conference held on June 29 by nonprofit Gran Parque La Plancha, A.C.  Jack Robinson, the non-profit's only expat board member, agreed to address them.

La Plancha group wants assurances on master plan

The Gran Parque la Plancha group fears the state has already sold off part of the 60-acre parcel that various groups and neighbors have envisioned as a new green space.

La Plancha master plan gets thumbs up

Gran Parque La Plancha's green concepts have been committed to paper, in the form of a master plan which has been released to the pubic.

La Plancha acreage legally released, cleared for Gran Parque

After several years of litigation, the state government has finally won the rights to railway yards controlled by the Chiapas Mayab train company.

Giant step forward for La Plancha green space

When the state re-routed rail lines out of the Centro and over to Umán, proponents of a Central Park at La Plancha had reason to cheer.

La Plancha tour unpacks a lot of information at train station

About 150 English-speaking passengers presented their tickets at the old railroad station on Saturday. They didn't board a train, but rather took an imaginary trip to Gran Parque La Plancha.

Tour of Gran Parque la Plancha

Explore of the rich history, architecture and flora of Merida’s La Plancha district, once the center of Yucatan’s henequen economy.

La Plancha tour promotes ‘Central Park’ concept

The public is invited to see firsthand why community leaders are excited about the prospect of a 60-acre Central Park in the Centro.

MEL lecture: Jack Robinson on La Plancha

Jack Robinson discusses the ongoing effort to turn La Plancha, an underutilized 60-acre rail yard, into Mérida's own Central Park. The event is free and open...

Link proposed between Biciruta and La Plancha park

The popular Sunday Biciruta should be expanded so that bike riders see the potential of the La Plancha project, a key civc organization says.

La Plancha public meeting

UNA is hosting a series of public meetings to gather opinions and share information on the La Plancha's progress.

La Plancha project to be guided by broad coalition

A wide range of academics and community activists have formed a coalition to shape the future of La Plancha, a park residents hope will emerge in the city center.

Setback for La Plancha: Railway talks break down

State officials say they will continue to move forward with La Plancha, despite news that the railroad line standing inits way won't budge.

At La Plancha, a mix of unease and hope

La Plancha's neighbors say they haven't been hearing too much about how their dreams of a "Central Park" are progressing. But they have reason for hope.

La Plancha park project advances

By the end of next month, officials will release a final draft plan to convert a 20-acre vacant rail yard into a Central Park-like green space.

La Plancha clean-up invigorates volunteers

A brigade of 25 volunteers held a community clean-up of La Plancha, the railway yards that neighbors hope will become a large park space for the city.

Chayanne returns, filming at La Plancha

Chayanne, the Puerto Rican pop singer who caused a sensation all over the Centro while filming videos to promote Yucatán, is back in Mérida.

La Plancha, Casa de la Trova advance

Two major transformations in Merida's center have become closer to reality, bringing new purpose to an old railroad yard and a soon-to-be-abandoned legislative building.

Talking through ideas for La Plancha

State officials reiterated their willingness to listen, discuss and build consensus with citizens to develop joint projects at the barren La Plancha fields, which neighbors are working to turn into grand cultural and natural green space.