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Museum and artisan shops to breathe new life into Mérida’s Ateneo

After years of boarded-up doors and neglect, Mérida’s Ateneo is set to get the TLC it deserves.

New signs of life for Mérida’s MACAY contemporary art museum

Yucatán’s contemporary art museum, the MACAY, closed its doors on July 28, 2021.

The MACAY, Yucatán’s only museum of its kind, says goodbye

Yucatán’s contemporary art museum, MACAY, announced that it will close its doors today. The closure, which has been described by the MACAY’s director as symbolic,...

MACAY will close for good without funding, says leader

The MACAY is in imminent danger of closing for good, its management warns. The southeast's only contemporary art museum has suffered a series of...

Portraits capture the dreams that haunted Pedro Tec

In the darkest moments of his life, Pedro found a series of characters in his dreams.

Remembering Fernando García Ponce 31 years after his death

On the 31st anniversary of his untimely death, we remember Fernando García Ponce, after whom Mérida's Macay Museum was named.

Artists rally as vaquita population drastically declines

The Macay museum in Mérida has joined peers in Mexico City in using art to communicate the plight of the vaquita marina.
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